running in the rain

Saturday. 18 miles.

I set out in the direction of the blue skies and fluffy clouds.  I’m starting to get over the “Oh my…I could be running for 3 hours or more.”  I’m already looking forward to hitting my sweet spot of mile 5 where I clip along and enjoy the run.  The wind plays with the clouds and I stand in awe at all the different views I soak up.  The dark rain clouds tease me to the right while the high wispy clouds dance behind me.  I loathe miles 2 and 3 but keep on staring into the sun for encouragement.  When I hit mile 5, I’m going up hill and like clockwork the rain clouds have shifted to directly over my head.  There I am.  Running uphill in the kind of rain that stings and makes you wonder if your ipod will survive.


This is mile 5. I’m ready. My muscles are warmed up. I’ve settled into my long run pace. I know better than to stop.  I keep running.  I can’t stop the rain. I can’t change the circumstances. I can’t outrun the downpour.  So, I just run in the rain up the hill.

God meets me there. Brings me back to a conversation on that couch where I hold a pillow and play with my earrings thinking nervously about what my body language says as I find myself crossing my arms here and there.  In the midst of the words, a thought is held in my heart.

Have you ever thought that maybe God knew…  God knew and trusted that you would keep running the race.  He knew that the rain wouldn’t pull you out of the race, but would only strengthen you and that you wouldn’t stop.  He knew the time when you could handle the rain.  That’s when He let the rain fall.

I don’t know. But maybe…maybe the same’s true for the desert and the tears and the breaking because really deserts and storms are awfully similar.

p.s. I finished in under 3 hours.

have you kept running in the storm? or turned back to strengthen your brothers like peter after you fell? thoughts? 

11 thoughts on “running in the rain

  1. Beautiful. I do believe God never gives us more than we can handle and if we hold onto Him He will bring beauty out of it as well…

    Although not storming it sure was cold and sprinkling yesterday and yes, I sure did keep running.

    There is something refreshing about running when others choose to remain home. Maybe it is that the expectations from the run alter during these moments, its not about anything but being fully THERE. Hmmm.

    • slash more than we can handle WITH Him. =)
      so true…my expectations for myself change. even my expectations for my long runs. so running in the crazy rain and wind, I was THRILLED with a just under 10 minute pace whereas on a shorter run or even a run in perfect conditions i would have been like uh what happened.
      it’s that both….we can do so much more than we ever think we can but also being wise to not overtrain and be foolish because if i had been out there doing a 8 minute pace i wouldn’t have been able to finish (i don’t think…)

      probably goes back to our lovely…just BEING there and enjoying the journey rather than placing our own expectations on how the journey should look. embracing what is god-given, grabbing ahold of that rather than griping about how we want sunshine and clear skies.

  2. I low the fact that God never gives us more than we can handle. Our youth pastor told us that a few months ago and I just feel so encouraged and loved when I remember that!

    • yes…as long as I remember that it’s never more than HE can handle…not me because I definitely can’t handle it without Him and when i try that’s when i end up face planting!

  3. That was beautiful, sweet Katy. 🙂

    Dang! 18 miles? Dang! So maybe Mile 5 is the sweet spot? Cause I loathe 2 and 3 and then I usually stop. Maybe I will try to work on pushing a bit further.


    • ooo you should try it out and see what happens! it’s true for me and i’ve heard of others saying it too. it’s around that time that my muscles are finally warmed up. =)

  4. I find it interesting that we both wrote about storms in life today… and the twin factor continues… ;-D

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