piling on the stones

i love the pictures painted in the old testament when the people make piles of stones to remind them of god’s faithfulness and what He’s done. because sometimes it’s easy to forget…easy to get lost in the pain of the present, to drown in the hard and when i see that visual then it becomes a little easier to remember, to hold on a little longer.

today, i’m throwing a stone on the pile.

a stone that reminds me why i’m still here and helps me see the big picture.

and this one…i’m holding close to my heart. pondering it there. keeping secrets between God and I because it’s ours for now until He says to share. knowing full well that although today was a crossroads on a journey…good will come from the way i picked. even though i just took the first baby step, sometimes that’s the hardest.

oh how i wish i could take you there and show you the sweet sweet moment of sitting in His faithfulness. someday the words will come to paint the flourishes of birds dancing in the water and the ways He spoke to my heart.  and even in the midst, i ever so graciously felt a glimpse of how redemption comes full circle as i was entrusted parts of another story.  a gentle reminder that each part of my story in all it’s glorious messy will become beautiful in its time and used for His glory.

have you thrown on any stones lately? 

my background music:

As Long as It Takes by Dorothy Savage

Hold Me by Jamie Grace

Waiting Here for You by Christy Nockels

but mostly….this one…

Come Home Beautiful by Seth Primm

she’s a hopeful desire

she’s awaiting redemption and love

and to be made free

she is beautiful

but she has never known

a love that will never leave

someone to help her see

that she is beautiful

she’s redeemed; she is loved

she’s the bride of the King

she’s adopted, but she’s forgotten

the call of grace she’s received

He finds her beautiful

and He peeled off orphan clothes

and wrapped her in simple hope