5/6 Month Update

Here we are checking in late for our 5/6 month update! We have had quite the last few months so I’m not surprised I’m late writing this. We moved out at the end of April and headed to grandma’s house. We were so thankful to have a place to stay while we waited to close on our house!  Speaking of houses, we actually close tomorrow.  The last six weeks have been a story in of themselves. I’m feeling thankful to have a next step and sad too. Mostly though, I’m focusing on trusting that God sees the bigger picture and has good things coming. 

Anyway. Back to my update about Melea!  She’s grown up so much the last few months and we love her so much!

What we have learned…our little lady does not like being left out now. She’s noticing more and caring if Asher goes off to play somewhere else. We also have learned to be flexible while living at grandma’s and to take advantage of the extra hands around!

What we are enjoying…being outside! She seems to love sitting, “playing” with toys, putting things in her mouth, and her brother. 

What are struggles are…that everyone doesn’t have their own room! We have made it work but will be thrilled to have bedrooms! 

Most exciting milestones…sitting up, eating food, and moving all around. She’s not traditional crawling yet but she can scoot backward, plank, get up on hands and knees, and you’ll find her in different spots. 

What we are looking forward to…our new house! Asher’s birthday too! 

What Melea seems to like…sitting, moving, chewing, smiling, exploring, Asher, and having us pay attention. 

Dislikes seem to be…being alone too long, over tired or hungry, and not being able to reach the toy she wants.

What sleep looks like…she takes 2-3 good naps a day and wakes up a couple of times at night. Bedtime is usually around 8ish and usually gets woken up by Asher around 7:30-8ish. He loves to see her in the morning. She’s still a great sleeper and still falls asleep easily in the carrier. She’s still in the rock n play and buckled in…we will probably transition her to the Nuna at the new house. 

She’s eating…avocado! I got the cutest little video of her trying some. She’s also tried banana, cantaloupe, roasted pepper, roasted asparagus, roasted onion, yogurt, a little cheese, and I think that’s it…we are doing a mostly baby led weaning style again which I love and works for us!  She’s totally got the idea of picking up and eating food down. She’s working on her skills and is mostly having fun exploring food. I plan to continue to do this and skip any “baby food”/purées. Though, we aren’t so strict that we won’t occasionally pick up a piece and help her. 

Who we have seen…we had my cousin’s wedding so we saw all of the Roses and Tom and Laura were there too. We also went to Duluth to see those people. Melea got to meet Carrie, Isaiah, and Micah finally too!  

At the last doctors appointment…she’s still our perfectly petite lady!  She’s in 6 month and some 9 month clothes. Wearing size 3 diapers since target didn’t have size 2 but they work.  We haven’t done cloth while at grandma’s house.  

Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

I love seeing unique takes on storybook Bibles and this one caught my eye. The artist Omar Aranda really captures the stories in a unique way compared to some other storybook Bibles I have seen. The pictures were more along the lines of what I have seen in the Action Bible. I appreciate more lifelike pictures than cartoons for older children. 

The concept behind this book is that great stories happened once upon a time and how the Bible is not a fairy tale. Personally, I am undecided on this phrasing. The idea makes sense but I could also see more of an emphasis on how the Bible is real. I did appreciate that this setup could appeal to little girls who like the idea of “once upon a time.”  The pictures went well with the fairy tale type setup too. 

Also, each story included Bible verses and a “happily ever after” Bible take-home point. The stories like most storybook Bibles are shortened and they missed many parts of the Bible which is expected. Like others, I see this as a fun addition to reading the Bible and using it in conjunction with other storybook Bibles. 

I would suggest this one if you want something with great pictures and plan to talk about how the Bible is real. 

Disclosure: I received this book for free (thanks Booklook!) but all opinions are my own.

The Beginner’s Bible for Little Ones

I recently received the updated version of the Beginner’s Bible and was excited to see they also had a Beginner’s Bible for Little Ones to review. 

This one comes in board book style with a padded front. There are 8 Bible stories included and the book is 30 pages long. The pictures take up most of the page to draw in the reader.  They are done well and in a similar style to the others in the other versions of the Beginner’s Bibles I have seen. 

This one is a great resource for younger children (likely around ages 4 and under).  The downsides for me are that there only 8 stories included and there is no table of contents.  If you are looking for a book to read at bedtime or throughout the day then the number of stories would not be a problem. In terms of using for a Sunday School type setting, this will be a great addition to utilize in a preschool class alongside other storybook Bibles. 

Overall, I think this is a fun introduction to Bible stories for little ones! 

Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own. Thanks Booklook! 

Another Bible! 

I love reviewing Bibles and have quite the collection on my shelf now!  I was excited to receive the Women’s Study Bible in NKJV. I personally enjoy reading NKJV some of the time. I prefer the Amplified Version most often but like to have variety as well. 

I was drawn to this one because of the look on the outside and was pleasantly surprised that the cover was a nice texture as well!  The cover is a sturdy almost fabric like feel. They did an excellent job making this Bible look and feel nice!  By looks alone, this is one of my favorite Bibles!

Beyond looks, I wish they had changed some of the extra study note portions. The boxes are not as clearly defined from the Biblical text. A darker text box or outline would have helped.  At times, this is just a minor annoyance when trying to read the text. The additions and study portions are interesting themselves though. I like having extra insight into sections of scripture even if I don’t use them often. Some are, of course, geared toward women while others are more general information. There are also quotes on certain pages. 

All in all, I love the look and feel of this Bible the most! This would be a great Bible for someone who likes pretty Bibles in NKJV and does not mind having extra information around the text. 

Disclosure: I am so thankful to have gotten this one for free and am glad to share my personal opinions about it! 

When God Made You

We’ve had this book for a while now and have gotten to read it quite a few times. I was surprised that my almost 3 year old sat through the whole book since the book is setup more as a long rhyming declarations about how God made “you” and what He thinks rather than a story.  Though, the pictures are really interesting and full of color! They’re my favorite part of the book. I like the overall message of the book as well but am not entirely sure what audience would be best. The back says for ages 3-8. The book hasn’t become a favorite yet but we enjoy reading it and I like that the message reinforces how God made us and loves us. 

Disclosure: We are thankful to have gotten this book for free to review. All opinions are our own! 

Things I’m Loving

I figured I could pop in and share some things I’m loving lately on this sunny Friday!  The week has been rainy so the fact that it looks sunny outside has me excited for the day! Plus, Fridays always carry extra excitement. 

1. I found some adorable Baby Bling Bows for my sweet girl! I had been eyeing them online and I love supporting small town stores so this was a win-win. Plus, grandma was with us and was super kind to buy them. I am excited to see if I like them as much as everyone raves about them! Either way, she’s pretty cute in them. Here’s one of them:

2. If you come to my house, you’ll find an entire shelf dedicated to all my Bibles. Well right now you’ll find them in a box since we are moving and our bookshelves are empty. Details 😂  Yesterday, though, I was SO excited to open up a review package and find this gorgeous Bible. I’ll write a review on it soon once I’ve had a chance to check it out more but I am in love with the feel and look of it!

3. A clean house!  We spent time cleaning on Wednesday and Thuraday in prep for a house showing. This meant clearing out a lot of boxes we had filled too which felt great!  We are slowly getting all of our stuff out. I love coming back to a clean house even if I know we will play hard and get toys out within minutes. The contrast still feels great. Plus, how cute is Asher’s little guitar on his bed?

4. Browsing Target! I’ve been dreaming of all the fun things we can do in our new house and I have a few empty canvases to paint so I’ve been on the lookout for fun quotes. I love that this one talks about growth. I recently finished The Happiness Project and in her definition of happiness she includes growth. There really is something happy about continuing to change and grow!

5. Lastly, I’ve loved being able to do fun things with people this week! Music class, lunch with grandma where Asher and I shared my favorite vanilla milkshake, dessert and shopping with friends from Sri Lanka, a morning meeting on declaring and decreeing, and reading books in bed with my husband.

And now the weekend is almost here! 

What have you been loving?

Do What You Can

This last weekend was full! We kicked it off with a Passover Seder meal on Thursday.  We had our Good Friday service and lots of prep for our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  The Egg Hunt went great and we were able to use the Resurrection Eggs before the hunt. I love the anticipation and involvement of the crowd. The kids seem to love taking turns opening each egg to see what part of the story is next.  

We ended with lots of family time on Sunday after church. Not to mention we snuck in some packing time as well. We move in less than two weeks! Then we are off to live with Grandma and Grandpa for a bit before we close on a house in June! 

While it’s been easy to become overwhelmed with the mess and with all of the tasks on our list, I keep reminding myself to do what I can. Pick up what I can. Pack what I can. Prep what I can. Play when I can. Talk to those I can. Give what I can. A little bit goes farther than I think. 

In reflecting on this weekend, I am reminded that Jesus did what He came to do. He what He could for us and those small steps of obedience to the Father resulted in exponential blessing and favor for us today.  The veil was torn and we were granted access to the Father. I am so thankful He did not turn back. I am thankful for the example to follow of simple obedience no matter what comes my way. 

And now it’s back to Monday and just like the disciples kept going after Jesus had risen, we get to do the same. 

And I can’t forget to include a few pictures from our weekend!

We didn’t have a basket for Asher for the egg hunt so he got a makeshift one from one of the rooms, he enjoyed laying on the floor for church since it was a family service without Nursery options, and next year we will take a family picture right away in the morning while everyone is in theory in a good mood! I’m learning to keep loving all the funny things that make this life imperfect.