I’ve been meaning to pop in with a few highlights from our trip to Portland for Ryan’s birthday weekend so I’m finally getting around to doing it!  First off, we ate well and included fun dessert! 

We went to Ruby Jewel for ice cream since my brother texted me a picture of him at Baskin Robbins eating a Daquiri Ice. I saw they had a margarita flavor so I sampled it but landed on their unique cookies and cream!  They soak the cream in cookies. Too fun!  Though, for ice cream, Salt and Straw stole the show. The lines out the door proved to be worthwhile. They had all sorts of unique flavors. Ryan tried a Pear and Blue Cheese. I had some dandelion one that I am wishing I could go back for seconds! They were generous on the samples too which was awesome. I found it fun seeing where all the local ingredients came from too. 

We also trekked over to Blue Star Doughnuts one day for some delicious unique flavors. Totally worth it as well. We saw lots of Voodoo Douhnut boxes around but didn’t end up going there. Too many pentagrams for our style ūüėČ but I hear they are unique but that others taste better. 

Night, Night


I love reading books with Asher and board books are still my go-to since he is still a bit rough on the pages. ¬†Bedtime reading is something that I did often as a child so I’m hoping to do the same with him since I loved it so much. ¬†He seems to still really enjoy books too and I’ll often catch him looking at books alone. ¬†We recently got the opportunity to read both¬†Night Night Mommy¬†and¬†Night Night Daddy.

I was so glad we got both of the companion books! ¬†They are cute little reads with lots of rhyming. ¬†These ones seem to be good quality board books and are the padded front cover too, which is a nice bonus. ¬†The pictures are done in a fun way and are a good mix of cartoon and realism. ¬†In the book, the animals do all sorts of interesting things¬†and include them into part of the little animal’s bedtime routine. ¬†The books incorporate God and prayers on a few pages as part of the normal routine. ¬†While the books are similar, they are also unique enough to not feel repetitive even though they follow the same format and storyline idea. ¬†Plus, they use different animals. ¬† ¬†I do wish there was a third book that followed a similar format but included both Mommy and Daddy into the story since I think that could be fun as well as relatable for a lot of kids too. ¬†I like, though, that these books could be used for single parent families or families with both parents in the house. ¬†I like both books and am glad to add them to our collection!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission‚Äôs 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : ‚ÄúGuides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.‚ÄĚ

Friday Fun

When it’s Friday and you make the mistake of thinking you can go to the park but find out that the preschoolers are using it…you get lunch out!

Such a fun mini date with my little man who is getting so big!

Adding new staircase ideas to my Pinterest building board! 

We totally took advantage of Jimmy Johns having $1 subs the other day!

One shoed kid lounging on the dog watching some baby praises er the official name is Praise Baby. Asher just says “praise” in the cutest little voice. Well it’s cute until you have to sometimes disappoint him and say not now. Or when it’s past bedtime and he’s yanking on your hand saying “praises” and you are saying no…

Pinterest also showed me this and the dinosaur is just great. Ha! And the chair is so stylish. Oh babies. ūüėć 

And here’s a little flashback Friday. 

Bible Notes

Lately, in one of my Bible plans, the selected readings have highlighted the relationship between David and Saul.  These two have such an interesting, unconventional relationship.

Saul was put in a rough spot to begin with by being the first King over the people. ¬†The people failed to listen to the prophet Samuel so God gave them what they wanted, Saul as King. ¬†Even toward the beginning, we see how Saul was often swayed by the people’s opinion. ¬†He reacted to their actions rather than inquiring of the Lord or even following the Lord’s direct instructions. ¬†Saul reacted to the people scattering and took action instead of waiting for Samuel to come (1 Samuel 13:8-13). ¬†The people got the type of king who ended up just like them. ¬†They did not listen to what the prophet had said about having a king and Saul, their king, did follow Samuel’s instructions.

To add to Saul’s trouble, David comes on the scene and gives the people someone new to talk about. ¬†The people compare Saul and David. ¬†Saul comes up short and his jealousy is stirred.

Nap time is over…to be continued the next nap time:)

My take-aways for the day: be patient in the things of God and listen to His timeline rather than putting my own timeline on how I think things “should” progress. ¬†Keep my eyes on God and be intentional about what He has said instead of being swayed by the people.



This week has both gone by super fast and super slow. Asher went to bed early so we got to watch the Blacklist live and goodness what a shocker. I did not see that ending coming and am curious what’s coming up next!  

We’ve been going on walks and runs lately which has been so good! I’ve missed being outside and getting sunshine. Now if the wind can die down that’d be great. Interesting NPR fact: I heard that hail and straight wind do more damage than tornadoes in Minnesota. 

Ben and Jerry’s had their Free Cone Day so my awesome husband decided we needed to go. We went to one in Wayzata and it was on the cutest little street next to the water. Seemed like a fun little place to go back to when the weather gets warmer. Asher wasn’t sure about the person dressed up in a cow suit but he was all over the ice cream. 

Oh and I thought I would try Mint Chocolate Chip in hopes it would be similar to Mint Chocolate Cookie. It’s not. Not at all. Ryan’s Sweet Cream and Cookies though was closer! Asher tried a Strawberry. Well, really, he tried them all. 

I better get back to enjoying my non-napping but drumming and playing “quiet” time by jumping into another new book before the little boy declares he’s done. 

Rooted: The Hidden Places…

There were so many good books to choose from this last time that I had a really hard time narrowing it down to what one I wanted to read and review.  In the end, I went with the one that seemed to speak to my current season the most.  I recently finished reading Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You by Banning Liebscher.  I had heard of Banning through Jesus Culture and had heard some of his speaking, but not much so I was curious what he would have to say.

The book reinforces the idea that God wants to work on our character and “roots” in order for Him to keep expanding our vision as well as our areas of influence. ¬†Banning was able to use personal experiences and stories to highlight many of these principles. ¬†I absolutely appreciated his faithfulness to serving at Bethel Church for many, many years before moving forward with Jesus Culture Sacramento. ¬†His actions and words exemplified the idea of being rooted in a local church and leaving well. ¬†He shares that he left Bethel with the pastor’s blessing and encouragement. ¬†I love that. ¬†All of this helped increase his credibility for me.

Some other areas that were touched on throughout the book included staying in the race and not being distracted.  The book did a great job at pointing out areas where we can be distracted from what God is doing or even start to take on it ourselves.  He specifically shared about how with Jesus Culture as the popularity rose there felt like more pressure.  In response to that he wrote:

“We didn’t build this and¬†we don’t need to feel any pressure to stay somewhere God brought us to in the first place. ¬†We don’t need to keep open a door that He opened. ¬†If God wants to shut the door, He can shut the door. ¬†If He wants to keep it open, He can keep it open. ¬†There is so much rest found in that place.”

Throughout the book, I spent a lot of time underlining and adding key points at the end of the chapter so that I can take those into daily life.  All in all, I am super glad that I got the opportunity to read an advanced reading copy for this book and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for encouragement as well as guidance in the ways that God might be working in your life as He is developing you toward your vision especially in those times that seem like waiting.

Disclaimer: All views of this book are my own, but I did receive a free Advanced Reading Copy from Blogging for Books.


Yay for the weekend!  We are finally in April and to a new budget month. That last week in March felt the longest. I keep hoping warmer weather will be around the corner…and I keep waking up to frost or cold temperatures. Sometime it is bound to get warmer. The water is off the lakes at least!  

Anyway, I saw a friend do a currently post and I’ve been meaning to add a fun post so here it is. 

I’m currently…

Reading: Rooted by Banning Liebscher (this book is rocking my world and I can’t wait to review it when I’m done!!). And I’ve just started E.M. Bounds on Prayer. I was gifted this and I am still feeling so loved by that!! Clearly gifts are my love language!  I have a few other books on my shelf but those are the main ones. 

Watching: Fixer Upper! Another season came out on Netflix! And Blacklist starts this next week and oh Blindspot. Pretty sure we have more shows than normal. Oh and Asher gets pumped about watching Baby Praises…we put it in as a half joke one day and now he loves it? 

Eating: Lots of eggs and leftovers and whatever is in the cupboard. By the end of the month, I’m always dreaming of our next month’s food and fun budgets refilling. 

Celebrating: Answered prayers and friends to celebrate them with!  

Enjoying: Days we can be outside, two cars, reading, and music. 

Hoping: For summer and fresh vision. 

Loving: Ryan’s surprises for me,when Asher is goofy, sunshine, hope, and a warm cozy bed.