Stronger than the Struggle

I have loved watching Havilah Cunnington jump into the public scene as she’s done Bible Studies, podcasting, speaking, and grown her ministry Truth to Table.

Her content has been authentic, practical, and easy to understand. She followed this trend into her latest book Stronger than the Struggle.

Somehow I thought the book was more about every day type struggles so I was a little surprised to find it was more about spiritual warfare. If I had focused on the tag line (Uncomplicating Your Spiritual Battle), I might have realized that!

Once I adjusted my mindset, I enjoyed the content of the book and found many practical tips and tools to use. Some stories I had heard or read in some of her other works but much was fresh too. Her writing is easy to read much like she is easy to listen to as well.

This book is great for anyone who is looking to find a simple, strategic approach to understanding spiritual battles. Some is bent toward women but I imagine men would glean from the book as well.

Disclosure: I received the book for free but all opinions are my own!!


Ordering Your Private World

I often read a few books at a time especially about different topics and genres. Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald has been in my rotation of books for a while. I recently finished it and already feel like I could need a reread.

I read the book slowly and found it was not a book I personally could read fast. There were many things to ponder and consider. Plus, that does not even begin the process of putting things into tangible change.

The book does a good job at giving ideas for practical ways to “order” your life as well as includes stories and brings a challenge to the way you may be doing things.

Spiritual maturity and disciplines are explored within some of the chapters as well.

In all, this book really made me think which I am glad about! I would suggest this book to anyone who is curious about growing in their Christian faith and challenging some Western mindsets. Though, be aware that it may be a slower read than others. I’m thankful to have read it and hope to go back through many principles in it.

Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own!

Chloe Flavor

I love cookbooks and get a lot from the library so I was excited to find out I could review Chloe Flavor! I had not heard of the author before or followed her at all but I was intrigued about the recipes.

I enjoyed reading her story and her reasons for eating a vegan diet. I find it interesting to hear where people come from and what drives their recipes.

I don’t follow a vegan diet but we often eat meatless meals and are careful about what types of food we eat so I was curious to see what would be included. I have lived with someone who did eat a vegan diet and always enjoyed the fun adventure of trying new things as well as finding substitutes!

The meals are divided by type and organized with great photos. Unfortunately, not every recipe has a photo, but most do. A lot of recipes look easily adjusted to add in meat or dairy if you wanted.

The book itself is a great hardcover with a fun cover photo.

If you like cookbooks and are interested in vegan recipes, this could be a fun one to check out!

Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own!

The Last Arrow-Live Big

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Erwin’s latest book “The Last Arrow.” The book was full of encouragement and a call to action. The idea in the book is to use all of the arrows in your quiver. To not save anything. Erwin talks about not giving up or settling for less. The book was a challenge in the sense that it was convicting about not taking things, people, or time for granted.

The book used quite a few biblical examples and was still a fast read. The writing style is one that I found easy to read. I would recommend this book for those who have enjoyed Erwin’s other books and are looking to be challenged in their faith to keep living on fire. The book could be a good reminder if you’ve grown stagnant or lukewarm in your faith. The reminder to stay passionate about the things of God was evident.

This book was provided for free and I am thankful to provide all of my own opinions!!

Capital Gaines

I love watching Fixer Upper! Chip and Joanna are fun, quirky, down to earth, and have great stories to add. I enjoyed reading the Magnolia Story and thought Chip did a great job writing his parts so naturally I wanted to read his book.

The book was full of stories and shenanigans. The reading style for me was quick, easy, and entertaining. In the book, you get to hear some more of the behind the scenes about their decision to stop Fixer Upper as well as stories from when Chip was younger.

If you are looking for a fun read, I would suggest this one! If you’re looking for more business advice, then probably a different one but this one does have some stories of what Chip did business wise.

Disclosure: I’m so thankful to have gotten a free copy to read and review!

1 Year

My girl turned one a couple of weeks ago! She had her golden birthday even. I can hardly believe that just about a year ago I was waking up wondering when she would come. Ryan joked that once it was December my mind said okay baby time. I am so glad I get to share a birthday month with her! She’s such a gift and we are so thankful.

What we have learned…that this girl really loves to climb, read books, and hang out with Asher. We’ve learned that she knows what she wants and will let us know!

What we are enjoying…A fenced in yard! Reading books, playing, Thanksgiving, and indoor workouts.

What are struggles…sleep! Still working on sleeping through the night. Asher seems to struggle with Melea wanting to play with all his toys!

Most exciting milestones…lots of walking, sleeping a little better, and turning 1!! Words like mama, dada, no, and ba for Boaz.

What Melea seems to like…walking, being held, yogurt, cottage cheese, Boaz, babies, climbing, reading books, climbing stairs, dancing, and all her people.

Dislikes seem to be…getting in the car seat, diaper changes, being set down, sitting down in the high chair, when people don’t give her food, when Asher puts a blanket over her head, and when Asher shuts the door to his room.

What sleep looks like…she takes a great afternoon nap from like 12-3 or 1-3. Usually naps on the go and stays asleep when we get somewhere. Bedtime is around 8-8:30. She still wakes up a couple times a night and sleeps until like 8-9.

She’s eating…all the food! Since cutting back on nursing, she’s eating more. She seems to like yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and really whatever food other people have ha! She will spit food out and try to feed food to Boaz too.

Who we have seen…the Roses for Thanksgiving! Ally and Levi too while they were home. We had a family birthday party for her on her birthday and then two separate ones with extended family. Plus, fun texts saying happy birthday on her actual day (I love when people do that!).

At the last doctors appointment…she’s petite but fairly tall! She was almost 17 pounds and she is 29 and a half inches tall. So that’s about 60% for height and like 10% for weight. She could use to gain a few pounds! She wears 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Sweet Girl

Hey sweet girl,

I was rocking you to sleep and listening to King of My Heart and No Longer Slaves. I wanted to write a note to me and to you to help remember this moment. You fell asleep so fast and were so peaceful. I stayed until the end of the first song before laying you in the Nuna. I was brought back to when I heard about having a daughter. I always saw myself as a fun mom to all boys. I love little boys and all the rough and tumble. A girl was not on my radar!  Though, there we were at a special service and Kevin Leal was up there telling me about how I would have a daughter. A daughter who would teach me and change me. We got pregnant a few months later and I did not think I’d be having a girl…I was right since Asher came first. Then came Enoch. I didn’t know when you would come along but I am so glad you came when you did. My heart needed the healing and joy that you bring. This whole being a mom to a girl thing is pretty awesome and I’m so glad you’re mine.

*found in my drafts and finally posting