4 Months

What we have learned…he has a “pristine” spine according to the neurologist! So so thankful for a good result from the MRI. Though, we did learn that getting an IV when you’re 4 months and haven’t been able to eat is not a pleasant experience. He’s still all about grabbing blankets and even rolled over from front to back.

What we are enjoying…lots of smiles, being held facing out, whenever he gets attention, and grabbing toys on the kick n play.

What are struggles…when he doesn’t quite want to relax to go back to sleep and when we are slow to get to him.

Most exciting milestones…rolling front to back and enjoying sitting in our lap with lots of support. He’s also rotating when he’s laying on the kick n play.

What Canon seems to like…playing on the kick n play, watching Asher and Melea, music, the carrier, grabbing blankets, being held so he can see out, and being with us.

Dislikes seem to be…when we can’t get to him right away, when his hand gets stuck in a toy, when he’s tired, and when he gets stuck trying to turn around on the kick n play.

What sleep looks like…feels like he gives us a longer chunk at the beginning of the night and then is back to more of the every 2-3 hours. Goes to sleep around 8-9 and then is up again around 1-2 and again 4-5 and usually up for the day around 8 still.

He’s eating…milk! Not much has changed here. Still doing great at nursing and is pretty efficient. Probably eats in about 10 min and still roughly every 3 hours.

Who we have seen…we saw the Charucs! And the Paradees! And everyone over Christmas. Jack and Emily came but Tom, Laura, and Ezra didn’t.

At the last doctors appointment…he weighed 14 pounds something…he has his next appointment next week. He is officially in 6 month clothes and still in size 2 diapers.


3 Months

Time really has disappeared…I’ve been trying to soak it all up and be present yet t still is sneaking away. So here we are at 3 Months and days away from Christmas!

What we have learned…time keeps going faster! Canon has learned to grab toys and has no interest in rolling over or tummy time really. He has a few ticklish spots and he’s still our go with the flow kid whether by personality or necessity of birth order who knows. We also didn’t learn much from our MRI beyond that we need another one in January.

What we are enjoying…lots of cuddles, being held upright, music, lots of playing, and quality time.

What are struggles…when we can’t quite get to everyone fast enough when there is crying!

Most exciting milestones…more smiles! Some laughing, grabbing toys, and being awake longer!

What Canon seems to like…playing on the kick n play, watching Asher and Melea, music, the carrier, and being with us.

Dislikes seem to be…when we can’t get to him right away, when his hand gets stuck in a toy, when he’s tired.

What sleep looks like…he’s starting to give us longer chunks! Probably goes to sleep around 8-9 and then I dream feed him again whenever we go to bed. Then he’s occasionally been up at 2 and 5 or 4 and 6 or 3 and 6. Still a variety. Usually up for the day around 8.

He’s eating…milk! Still doing great at nursing and is pretty efficient. Probably eats in about 10 min and still roughly every 3 hours with some cluster feeding at night.

Who we have seen…Thanksgiving with Zitzmanns and then both sides for Melea’s birthday.

At the last doctors appointment…he weighed 14 pounds but that was with clothes and a diaper on since it was just a pre-op appointment. He’s almost into 6 month clothes.


Since I wrote updates for Melea and Canon, I saw I hadn’t written one about Asher for quite a while! So here’s a 4 to 4 1/2 year old update!

We celebrated Asher’s golden birthday with lots of balloons and made him a sandbox that turned into a playground with a slide and swing.

Lately, he’s all about playing cars and doing figure 8 demolition derbies. The cars get a bit beat up in these.

He’s known to give out “handshakes” for meals that he likes eating which is a sign that we may watch a bit of the British Baking Show with him. He also loves to help in the kitchen!

He has fun going to Butterfly Hill on Friday afternoons and enjoys play with friends days at church. He also will be quick to tell us we need to have people over or will invite them over himself. He’s probably got more of a gift of hospitality than either Ryan or me.

He still loves reading and getting books from the library. He can memorize books and will tell you if you change the words. He also enjoyed listening to me make up a story about “Hoot and the Pirates.” Though, he’s not that interested in writing yet. He works occasionally on writing his name and particularly likes doing letter H.

He’s still both loud and quiet. We work a lot on being respectful, using kind words, appropriate ways to speak up for needs, taking turns, and all the other things that come with this age.

He loves to watch the Cars movies, Chuggington, Paw Patrol, British Baking Show, the Bible app, and a few Bible shows on Right Now Media.

He has started more pretend play and still makes us laugh a lot. Puzzles and games are starting to be favorite activities too.

He’s a big fan of Canon and holding Canon. He and Melea often play together but he also loves a little space alone.

He sis still a big fan of sleeping and sleeping in late! Roughly bedtime is 8-9 and he wakes 8-9. If he goes to bed late then he will sleep late.

He loves to eat ice cream, cake, pizza, milkshakes, candy, green beans, all the fruit, yogurt, popsicles, hot buttered toast, mint white hot chocolates, juice, Mac and cheese, and more.

His favorite Bible stories seem to be Samson and David and Goliath.

This parenting thing is equally the best and hardest. So many sweet moments and so many hard ones. I’m so grateful for this boy who made me a mom and glad to have him here with us keeping us on our toes. He’s the best.

She’s 2!

My Melea is 2! Simultaneously she feels way older than 2 and yet totally 2. She’s such a joy and I am so grateful to have her in our little family. A prophet told us before we had any kids that we would have a baby girl one day and that she would change me. She already has and I know there’s only more to come.

Melea has shown us her love for babies, legos, art, snuggling, clothing, being outside, and hanging out with her brother.

She can talk to us about all sorts of things and has so many words. She speaks in sentences and it’s easy to think she’s older minus her petite frame. Sometimes it takes some context but most of the time we can understand her. She has opinions about what to wear or not wear. She likes picking out what shoes she wants too. Anddd she has a few opinions about directions too. She is now two after all.

She shares a room with Asher currently and is easy to get to sleep most days. If she wakes up, she’s all about mom and wanting mom to sleep right next to her–preferably touching her.

She loves hanging out (sometimes pushing his buttons) with Asher and tagging along for his adventures he comes up with. She equally can be found next to Canon trying to get on the kick n play by him.

She still doesn’t really like eating or taking time to eat but she does okay! She seems to like to eat oatmeal, pizza, fruit, quiche, Ryan says she likes ham, mints, and ice cream.

She was very specific about wanting a vanilla cake with white frosting and a number 2 candle. She wanted to go to Doolittles for her birthday dinner. She also wanted green balloons. Most days she says green is her favorite color and babies are her favorite toy.

I’m so beyond grateful for each day with her and love seeing her grow up.

Now for a little picture overload…

No Appointment Necessary

I recently was driving to a worship night and was praying as I went. I was a little disappointed at how the timing of everything had worked out since I was running late and was really asking God to speak to some situations in my life.

As I drove, I saw the sign at the oil change place that said, “No appointment necessary.” I felt God reminding me that He is not constrained to the “appointments” that I make with Him or to my own timeline. His words and wisdom are not fit into an hour of worship or a set aside prayer time.

I may try to compartmentalize my life or feel pressure that God won’t speak unless I “make time” to hear from God (not that I should stop setting aside time!).

Instead, God is calling me into a life that is saturated with His presence. I get to pray and share every detail with Him. He’s available every time. No appointment necessary.

1 and 2 months

I keep wondering where October went! Yet, here we are in the middle of November. Canon has already been hanging around with us for 2 months. I am so incredibly thankful for him and couldn’t have guessed how much fun it is to have three kids at home!

What we have learned…so much! Getting three kids to bed, what it’s like to go to Children’s for an MRI, how to fit 3 car seats in the Lexus, walks with everyone, and how to keep everyone safe.

What we are enjoying…books, the warm weather we did have, playing in the snow for the older two, art, walks, and lots of baby snuggles.

What are struggles…nothing too major…some big emotions, trying to fit Melea and Canon on my lap, Boaz not getting enough attention or exercise

Most exciting milestones…smiles!

What Canon seems to like…being held, laying on the changing table, watching Asher and Melea, eating, going in the carrier, being patted, and listening to music!

Dislikes seem to be…when we can’t get to him right away, when his hand gets held a little too hard, being bumped.

What sleep looks like…who knows! He eats and goes back to sleep at least! Probably getting up every 2-3 hours with a couple of 4 hour stretches. He has slept mostly through staff meetings and has generally been good at sleeping after eating. Maybe my expectations are lower?

He’s eating…milk! I’m thankful he’s been easier to get to eat than Melea but doesn’t quite eat as much as Asher did! He eats often throughout the day and night.

Who we have seen…grandma’s and grandpas, people at Shaun’s birthday party, went to Travelers with great Grandma Jaunita and Grandpa Johnny, went to Lauren’s baby shower, and we have Thanksgiving coming!

At the last doctors appointment…when we went to Children’s in the cities when he was around a month, he weighed 11 pounds! He’s been upper 80 percentile for weight and I think 40-50 for height. He has his 2 month appointment next week.

Ten Things to Tell You

Jumping back in with number 3!

3. A thing that changed my worldview…

Sometimes my life feels divided between before and after going to South Africa. My views on many things changed. I had never been out of the country (well maybe Canada when I was too little to remember) and I set off for a year. Going to South Africa not only changed my views on culture, people, food, and life in general, but also greatly impacted my view of God. I definitely have a big part of my heart there and am constantly looking forward to going back.

Though, I will say that since going to Africa I continue to love to travel and am thankful for all the ways so many of my adventures have shaped my worldview. From Sri Lanka to Rwanda to Italy and more, I am grateful for all the things I have learned and people I have met.

As I watch my aunts in their 70s still traveling the world, I pray that I am able to keep doing the same when I’m their age.