Arrow 11 Months

I’m coming in only a few weeks late but here it is! My baby is 11 months.

What we have learned…you are quite the climber! You aren’t walking all the time yet (just taking a few steps) but you can climb onto the table and chairs. You can climb onto beds and all the things. You love to explore!

What we are enjoying…your smile and sweet nature. I love snuggling with you and how you lay your head on my chest still.

We are struggling with…slowing down time! I keep wanting to soak up all the time with you and your siblings.

Most exciting milestones…you are standing some and taking steps! You know how to go down backward from things but still need to be reminded.

Arrow seems to like…eating everything, standing, climbing, cars and toys, being held, music, and being included.

Dislikes seem to include…toys being taken from him, getting stuck in the high chair, being “sat on” by his siblings, and being left alone.

Sleep looks like…getting up usually once in the night to eat around 4-5 but then back to sleep. Usually waking up around 7-8. Still rocking a morning nap around 9/10ish and an afternoon one around 1-2ish. Totally rolling with all our flexibility.

He’s eating…all the things! He likes Annie’s bunnies, pancakes, pizza, and he eats whatever we are eating. He’s still nursing 4-5 times—working our way toward weaning. Still takes him about 10-15 minutes to eat.

At the last doctors appointment…he weighed 18 lb 13.5oz and was 29.25 inches long. His head circumference was 46cm.

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