August Writing Prompts

1. Observe

I shut my eyes and I can feel the dirt underneath my feet as I keep making my way down the road. Everyone else is occupied and I am out by myself. The African sun is high above me and I work my way downhill. I am running toward the gate past the classroom and the other houses. The road bends and there might be some old pavers peaking through to help cars make their way up. My eyes are open taking in all the scenery has to offer but my mind is still focused elsewhere. I am mulling over the lesson during class. The ideas seem so foreign but I feel hunger for more. I did not know what was possible or that this was even a gift for today. Logic threatened to keep me held back but my heart wanted to try. I reasoned that at worst nothing would happen and at least no one was there to point it out. So, I opened my mouth and tried.


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