Asher is 8!

Real life! Army guys and Lincoln logs in the background.
Army guy strawberry cupcakes
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, chicken strips, bananas foster, milkshakes, toast, rice pudding
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Book: Warriors, Dog Man, I survived, Hazardous Tales
  • Favorite Song: None
  • Favorite Movie/show: Dinotrux, Rescue Riders Dragons, Ninja Star Wars, The Nut Job, Open Season 2
  • Favorite Animal: dogs
  • Favorite sports: Basketball and golf
  • Favorite toy: Model boats, army guys, airplanes, books
  • Favorite thing to play: Army guys
  • Favorite place to go: Grandma’s house
  • Job he wants: General in the Navy
  • Place he wants to visit: Acadia National Park
  • Favorite Bible story: David and Goliath
  • Friends: Xavier, Rudy, Ezra, Phillip

Another year has passed and you’re that much closer to double digits! First grade was filled with all sorts of adventures. You missed some things because of us being sick but you got to do the Marathon and the Spring musical. You took off reading and say that you can read books like water. You grew two more inches and already weigh 60lb! We finally let you switch your car seat to a booster. Your Lego creations, army setups, and creativity are fun to see!

Asher, I see you as bold, fun, intense, thoughtful, kind, and creative. I love seeing the games you make up and how you are always wanting to come up with another plan or adventure. You go up to librarians to ask for help, you seek out others, and love to play. You tell us when we are overreacting and are good at showing your own emotions. You got glasses this year but don’t always remember to wear them. You had fun in basketball, tennis, golf, and swimming lessons! You were not too sure about going off the diving board but you did awesome naming your limits and trying what you could. You are definitely ready for us to be done fixing the house since you seem to love quality time. I love spending time with you too. You’re my best Asher. I’m excited to see what God has for you in this next year.

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