August Writing Prompts #3

What do you do for fun?

Running, hiking, walking, and being outside are my go-to fun activities! Lately, I have been hitting the trails for runs. This season has required some flexibility in scheduling so I’ve come to love early morning and late evening runs to keep my mind and body happy. Though, really, any run or hike brings me joy. I always am happy I went afterwards even if I feel intimidated beforehand.

Adventure and exploring new places are high on my list of things that bring me fun. Looking at plane tickets, dreaming, and planning trips are all part of the fun. I love researching the details of places to eat and things to do.

Books definitely come into my for fun category! Reading a book I can’t put down, a cookbook, a travel book, a Christian book, leadership book, WW2, historical fiction, biography, fantasy, and others. I like variety and have grown to be more selective as I’ve gotten older. I’ve read 31 books so far this year.

Throwing pottery on the wheel and even this last year I grew to love hand building.

Cooking, baking, and trying new recipes.

Quality time with my people. Give me time to talk, play a game, or just hang out with those I love and I am very happily having fun.