August Writing Prompts #2

What is your pace in this season? How do you feel about it?

When I think about this season’s pace, speed work and hill runs come to mind. We have specific goals and deadlines we are trying to hit but are needing to put in the work to be ready. Our basement and house projects are cruising along but then we hit a hill that takes a bit longer to tackle. Supply issues, scheduling, and life with four littles are some of those hills. Yet, we are still showing up to do the work and run hard and fast while we can.

I’m feeling a bit sad that this summer has not been one full of camping, travel, and quality time. I have a little bit of hope that this season will come to an end and we will see a finished house ready. Throw in some feelings of stress and overwhelm as we navigate finances, time management, and decisions. Add in a lot of decisions to be content, prayerful, trusting, cheerful, and keep my gaze on the Lord.