Checking in with some of the things I’m loving lately for a fun Friday post!

  1. Cookbooks! Since toddler storytime at the library is on Fridays, I’ve gotten in the habit of picking up some cookbooks.  I love finding Pinterest recipes but sometimes feel like it’s hard to find new ones so this has been a fun way to try something new. 
  2. Finishing books! I’m getting close to finishing my 2016 reading list.  I have a few more categories to go and a few more months! I just finished a fiction book called Hood that my husband had on our shelf. 
  3. Nike Training Club workouts! Now that the weather has turned a bit colder these have been a favorite lately. I love that they are constantly adding new ones.  My little workout buddy does his best to try some of the moves as well. 
  4. Help with bedtime! Ryan was gone some this week so I’ve been extra glad to have him back to help with bedtime. 
  5. Breakfast food! We are big cereal lovers.  Plus, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, and all the other yummy things that come with breakfast. 


I am awake over here still with a quiet house and looking through pictures. I started by seeing if I had any bump pictures on my phone from my pregnancy with Asher and then got to looking at Africa pictures. ❤️ I’m itching to plan our next trip back since I sure do love that place. 

A Day in Our Life

I found one of these posts in my drafts folder from when Asher was 2 months old so I thought I’d revisit and share what our day has looked so far now that he’s a bit over 2 years old. 

Alarms for Ryan go off at 6:00 am and he’s getting up around 6:15 to get ready for work. Usually, I would keep sleeping but today I’m up and reading my Bible and some other articles in bed of course. 

Ryan heads off to work a little before 7:00 and I stay in bed reading. 

Asher comes out of his room around 7:30-7:45 and climbs in bed with me. Sometimes he will go back to sleep but he’s awake today. We leisurely get up and then go make some eggs and cereal for breakfast. 

We let Boaz out and I tackle putting together the cloth diapers (we still do about 50/50 cloth and disposable) while Asher plays with cars. 

Somewhere in there I decide to tackle cleaning out the bedroom closets to get rid of things. I start this task but take a break to read with Asher. He’s all about this book we got from the library called More Blueberries. We probably read 10-15 books before he’s back to playing while I keep working on the closet. 

(Stuff to get rid of on the table and things to put away on the floor! And a boy playing on a sleeping bag)

Boaz decides he’s in the mood to play with the ball so he brings it up and Asher throws it down the stairs for him. Asher needs some help having Boaz drop the ball but otherwise these two are a good pair. They did this last night too which is where the picture is from below. 

(Books galore and toys out=a happy, fun house that gets picked up at the end of the day!  I’m kind of glad we don’t have a bigger place to clean!)

Somewhere in here we read more books together and I find some noisemakers from my Chicago marathon goodie bag that Asher has a blast drumming with on the floor. 

The combine shows up and provides entertainment until it is lunch time! 

We make quesadillas and a PBJ for lunch. Asher asks to call Daddy so we do and then we get ready to go to town. 

By now it’s close to 1:00pm and we head to get gas and some diapers and cream cheese from Target. Asher is all about riding in the cart and asking for a sticker. Diapers were even on sale which was exciting!

Then I put on some music and take a fun way home and Asher falls asleep in the car. He goes down for a nap in his room and I’m here writing this up enjoying all the baby kicks and rolls I can!

Ryan will be home around 4:15-4:20 and we are hoping to sneak in a run since it’s nice outside!  We will see what else the day holds. 

Find Your Brave

Another review! Asher’s napping and summer kept me reading away so I’m finally catching up on writing about these books. Some have been sitting waiting to be reviewed for too long!

Quite a few years back now, I went out to LA to see my good friend June and her daughter. While I was there, we attended a GodChicks conference which was awesome. The conference was held at Holly Wagner’s church. So, when I saw that Holly had a book, I was definitely intrigued. One review I read that ended up convincing me to request this one said that Holly included a lot of personal stories. The reviewer was spot on and those stories in this book were my favorite parts. 

I love hearing about other people’s journeys with God. I find it so encouraging when people share that they too go through tough seasons and still come out praising and loving God. There are a lot of unanswered things in life and Holly is one who used her book to share the hard with a rally call to keep finding your brave. 

Holly focused in on the story of Paul in Acts 27 and the shipwreck. I really liked how she narrowed the book to one specific Bible story rather than pulling on a lot of different ones. I felt this served her purpose for the book well and gave depth to the story. 

One specific part in the book that has stayed with me was when Holly talked about keeping the main point the main point and remembering our job by not letting distractions get in the way. “Simple” concepts but such good reminders as we can all get off track and get distracted. I want to make sure that I stay on the path God has for me. 

All of this to say, that if you love stories and have gone through or are going through some storms in life, this might be a good book for you! 

–I received this book from Blogging for Books but all opinions are my own!–


The first day of October started off full of fog here but ended up being a gorgeous, sunny day!  I love new months and fresh starts. 

In years past, I’ve done the fun “Write 31 Days” challenge and have chosen all sorts of themes. I don’t have a theme picked out nor have I spent enough time thinking about it but I do like the idea of being more intentional about writing here so all I’m committing to is seeing what unfolds. 

For today, I’m going to recap some things I learned in September since I always find those posts interesting when others do them. I’d link up but I always forget who posts them…and I don’t have time to look it up! So if you know, let me know in the comments so I can give credit. Or share something you’ve learned!

Things I’ve Learned in September!

  1. Schedule in some white space on the calendar. We didn’t do this intentionally at the beginning of the month and this ended up being a full month. I need a few more scheduled “rest” days!
  2. Asher and I both love getting out of the house! I enjoy a day or two at home but more often than not I feel better at the end of the day when we’ve gone to do something. Since Storytime at the library didn’t start up until later in the month, we made a habit of going to pick out library books one day a week. Little things like that are so key for us both to have a good day!
  3. Short flights are awesome! Flying to DC for my brother’s wedding felt like a breeze with Asher.  He made it especially easy by sleeping all but 15-20 min of each flight. Definitely a different experience than flying to Africa. Although, I’d be up for flying there soon again too!
  4. Colder weather is coming no matter how much I try to hold onto summer…
  5. Don’t use outdated shortening. It’s just bad. 

It’s Not Fair

When you read a lot, it’s easy to get authors a little confused. Needless to say, Melanie Dale and Melanie Shankle are different authors!  Melanie Dale wrote about women being scary and Melanie Shankle wrote about some green sparkly earrings. Very different!  So, I got this book anticipating some earring type writing and instead found myself with Melanie Dale. 

This book felt even more personal than Women are Scary. Dale starts off by sharing about her family but does so in a way that leaves her children privacy as well. I absolutely appreciated this and yet was grateful that she did share details about some of the struggles. I felt like she did a good job at towing the line there. 

Throughout the book, sections are included from other women who have chosen to share parts of their stories. I enjoyed reading these and sometimes wanted more!  

The book itself is full of humor and light hearted inserts for oftentimes a heavy subject of dealing with the “not fun” parts of life. Some of the humor is just not my style and is a bit rough around the edges. Though, I know some people love this type. I preferred the sections where more of Dale’s story comes out as well as her own process for dealing with the unfair things in life. She did include some biblical stories as well to bring home ideas. 

In all, this seems like a great sit back, laugh (if this is your style of humor), move through the unfairness of life, and still love God book. If you’re dealing with some hard things, this book might be a great way to incorporate some humor into life. 
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <; book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <; : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

Coloring and Journaling

I love that adult coloring and creativity has taken off!  Brene Brown talks about the positive benefits of creativity and there’s so many fun ways to use art to connect with God. I recently had the opportunity to receive for free (thank you Tyndale House Publishers–all opinions are my own) this prayer and praise coloring journal to review. 

I love the cover and how it invites coloring right from the start while also incorporating elements already colored.  This was a great way to reflect how the inside pages are since they include both elements left open to be colored and others that have been done for you. Thus, if you only wanted a journal you could still use this!  I didn’t mind having some inspiration on the page to start but others might prefer more open areas. 

The journaling prompts include Bible verses, prayers, instructions, and mini devotionals.  They are varied throughout the book and I found myself flipping through to find one that spoke to me for that day. They are not dated so there is no right or wrong order. Each page is unique, which I love. 

This would be an awesome journal for someone who likes getting some prompts and direction with journaling as well as someone who enjoys coloring. Teens or adults would likely appreciate this and it seems geared toward women.