triathlon mind dump =)

i’m following perry noble‘s “sunday night reflections” bullet list style for this post (ps love his latest post about leadership convictions and being concerned about WHO people are becoming not WHAT they can do). so get ready.  all of that to say that my mind is reeling with all sorts of connections, intersections, thoughts, and ponderings after finishing the triathlon this weekend. so here are some of my thoughts that very well may get expanded later!

  • god has a funny way of making things happen…like how it just happened to be raining during the triathlon when i’ve been talking about pressing on even in the rain lately. just sayin’. though it kind of made me smile
  • i loved the volunteers. seriously. they were amazing. i made a point to thank the ones i could or at least smile as i went by them.
  • unexpected encouragement is always a bonus! especially familiar faces. yay for church family and friends’ parents.
  • my highlight of the race? mile 6 of the bike ride when i got to make a friend and chat with her a bit. so sweet.  wish i could have found her afterward to say hi 🙂
  • tie your shoes tight.
  • keep swimming even if you don’t know how to pass someone…you’ll figure it out eventually.
  • repeating psalm 37 in your head makes for great biking music.
  • i finished feeling the….”okay, now what?” most times i wrestle with being an achiever and the let down of finishing something.
  • i like training more than racing i think. ask me in a few days.
  • i liked the actual journey and process more than finishing. now to apply that to seeing there is a process and a purpose and a journey in life…that if i were to just “get there” now…i’d miss the journey, which is my favorite part.
  • i don’t know what to do with the juxtaposition of being realistic and being competitive. no, i am not going to devote my entire life to winning races and even if i did….there’s always someone faster, stronger, naturally built for it, etc. but at the same time i am the only one who can run the race like i can run the race…
  • we are to steward the money given to us. how does that factor in with race fees, expensive bikes, equipment, and clothing….is the money being spent where god wants? maybe. maybe not. it is His money after all. can the gospel be furthered by your example in sports? absolutely, i think so. but does that justify spending thousands when babies are starving and dying and people’s basic needs aren’t being met? plus, what if it’s already spent…and has depreciated in value so might as well keep it…or is it a long term investment…or does it just lead to more and more, bigger and better…hmph.
  • big picture perspective: did i love god? did i love others?
  • surrendering the outcome to god and trusting.
  • trusting that your breaks will work. you don’t think about certain kinds of trust until something happens.
  • i totally would rather do something “together” than to just do it.
  • trust and faith steps and hope.
  • there’s more i’m sure, but this is a start.
so, how about you? any thoughts on races, triathlons, marathons, life, anything?