lingering in the breaking

you’re breaking me apart

tearing me down the middle

jagged and uneven

my heart


all because i made you

too small

shoved you in my box

so i wouldn’t have to face

the walls that tell the stories

of pain

that i would rather leave



but you’re drawing me closer

you won’t let me ignore


so the tears fall

ripping my seams

breath held

crushing me

yet there you are

in the midst of the breaking

inviting me

to linger

as you paint the sky

for me to remember

there is a purpose in the breaking

sometimes to be whole

you have to break

12 thoughts on “lingering in the breaking

  1. my heart stripped, all because i made you too small, shoved you in my box.

    i get you. i get this. and i know the breaking hurts. im feeling it too, but i guess you already know that.

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