write it down. let it soak in.

I created this little lovely in continuing with His theme for me lately.

While editing, I played.

I started out with lots of words….like 30 (I do love words!)

But…too cluttered. Too much going on for a desktop background.

I agonized over what words to cut. I mean how can you cut out the words peace or hope?

(apparently I can….)

Cut them and then some.

Realized that more needed to go. Hello focus.

Cut more.

Ended up here.

So why did I let these stay?

Joy=my word for the year

Love=1 cor 13 in the amplified version

Chase dreams=every moment is a divine opportunity. so run.(i’m reading chasing daylight!)

God is with you=go with him. invite him in. love him.

Know Me=that’s my heart. to know Him.

I’m sure there are many other words that would have fit…but these are my focus for now. I’m sure God will change them up and keep on working in me, but until then. Here’s what I’m looking at on my computer screen.

So, what’s your background? And did you create anything this week?

7 thoughts on “write it down. let it soak in.

  1. I’ve learned more and more that what gets cut isn’t always bad… just unnecessary in the moment. Proud of you for finding your focus, girl.

    • exactly…”unnecessary in the moment” i like that phrase 🙂
      and thanks for your encouragement, always makes me smile.

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