ten times

Colors: Black, pink, purple, pencil, red, blue, yellow, green, colored pencil, highlighter, light blue, turquoise, neon green

Marks: Underlining, circles, boxes, straight lines, arrows, highlighter, stars, double underlining, hearts, brackets, <, squiggles

Words (just a few of many): woah!, TRUTH, Abide in His Word!, He noticed the boy, Jesus gets us where we’re going, hello tough truth, fear god!, hold fast, complete, Jesus gives, send on a mission, what is that to you–focus on me!

Over the past six months, John and I have become best buddies.  We spent almost every day together.  Right when I thought, “Oh, I’ve heard this 5 times from you….” My eyes would be opened to a new truth or a question to ask.  Admittedly, there were times where I wanted to move onto others like Matthew, Mark or Luke, but I stayed true.  So when I reached that magical number of ten, I both rejoiced and felt sad like when all good things come to a new beginning.  Already, I feel like I’m cheating on John by planning to spend time with Matthew.

So, John, here’s what I have to say. Thank-you. For sticking with me, challenging me with some tough truths, letting me soak up who Jesus is, letting me write all over your pages in all sorts of colors, teaching me to dig deep, telling me stories, letting me jump inside the story, pushing me on, ever surprising me, being there for me to turn to at any time, and speaking into my life.  Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll be back to rough up your pages again.

Are you spending time with any of these guys or others lately? What are they teaching you?