a question or two.

There’s not really a way to follow-up yesterday’s post excitement so I’m keeping it simple, fun, and lighthearted.

This makes me happy and puts a smile on my face…

pretty fonts

reaching 2000 on a list of things that bring me joy

the sound of rain on the windows

finally clearing my floor of the piles of books

curling up with my Basotho blanket for a nap

jumping off the end of the dock with all my clothes on after a run

cozy pajama pants and a sweatshirt

comment love

e-mailing, skyping, chatting with friends (old, new, those i’ve met, those i haven’t)

reading the directions on my new shampoo and conditioner

daydreaming about africa

spending time with the King

Your turn…what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face?