quirky friday five

1. i like to eat pbj sandwiches by eating around in a square the crust first and then eating the middle.

2. i think it’s fun to eat corn on the cob randomly…by searching for a bite that looks good and ending up with a mixed match looking piece rather than systematically going in rows or circles.

3. i like to smell food to see if i’ll like it…at camp, i even asked to smell some “blueberry waffle cone” ice cream before committing to it.

4. it takes a lot for me to really think about what someone’s voice sounds like if i haven’t been around them for a while…same thing about what they look like if i haven’t seen a picture…this makes me sad and makes it hard being away from people and probably why i put pictures everywhere but if i see them then it’s all there and i have a ridiculously good memory with names and stories.

5. sometimes i find myself deleting 🙂 because i put too many in one sentence or paragraph…i just like to use them and make sure that the text i’m conveying is happy.

your turn! gimme 5 or so quirky or random things. (just deleted a smiley because I used one above!)