fabulous friday

did you know that i have 9 spaces on my computer?

Top row left: internet (oh, i probably have about 8 tabs up ranging from facebook to google reader (which will probably be VERY full after a week away) to my blog to youtube to netflix to recipes)

Top row middle: chat (skype, adium)

Top row right: iTunes (which recently shrunk to like 2,000 after going through it again…but new playlists were added!)

Middle row left: calendar (color coordinated of course)

Middle row middle: tweetdeck (divided into columns of everyone, lovelies, @bahava, facebook)–oh and notice that little picture that keeps popping up lots…that’s this girly who i absolutely love that i have gotten to know!

Middle row left: iPhoto (pictures of the lovely sunset up right now, but that’s divided into categories by month)

Bottom row right: Mail (lots of folders to organize e-mail)

Bottom row middle: Word documents (currently you see my joy journal which is at number 1807 of things recorded, underneath that is a document called heart thoughts, and another called book quotes–recipes also frequently pops up)

Bottom row left: this usually remains open so I can see my pretty background but otherwise serves to open up any downloaded documents or do a search on my computer or access other things that don’t fit into the above categories such as iMovie which is so fun to play around with at times.

Oh and to see all my pretty little spaces a quick slide of the mouse to the top right corner.  To see all the windows in one space down to the left.

So now you know a ridiculously random fact about me.  Can you tell I’m an input girl? And that I love folders and categories and things in their place? Yep, it’s true 🙂

Your turn! Share something fun, random, ridiculous or really anything.  Oh, and if you do have a mac I would for sure love to hear how you use spaces.