Maybe Baby Month

Hello June!  You’re here and you’re officially the maybe baby month.  July stakes claim for the for sure baby month.  And let me tell you that I’m a little like wait…where’d the time go!? Definitely getting excited to meet this little baby and see whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  This is especially since this little baby is loving kicking my ribs and still moving like crazy.  There’s no denying that I look pregnant.  Though, I can pull off a “not necessarily” pregnant look if I’m wearing black and you’re looking from the front or even if you just see me from behind.  If you see me from the side….no question 🙂 Also, in other news, the weather has gotten warmer and my wedding rings are fitting a bit tighter.  I’m not such a fan of that, but oh well.  They’ll be back on in no time.

Otherwise….a few other things that I’ve learned in May have included:

1. Finding baby clothes that are not distinctly boy or girl is pretty hard!  I’ve yet to find the “perfect” going home outfit.  Though, we do love this one we found that was only in bigger sizes.  The color is cuter in person, but still 🙂  We’ve also found a few fun infant clothes with references to drums (yay for a husband who drums).


2. I dig the Nuna brand.  Not only do they make sweet products, but they also sent me a surprise journal as a bonus gift!  Plus, they just came out with some waterproof sheets, which will be fabulous!  So surreal that soon a little baby will be sleeping in there!

IMG_78523. Days outside with these two are ever entertaining!  IMG_7916 IMG_79184. I’m in need of some good summer books and have been scouring the library in search of them.  Any recommendations?

5. Decisions are way harder without being able to “know” how things are going to be like once this baby is here.  I’m definitely thankful that I can push some off and I’m thankful for wise advice and LOTS of prayer!

All in all, May’s been a great month and I’m excited for June.  The calendar already looks full with baby doctor appointments (weekly! so fun to get to that point!), graduation parties, VBS, weddings, get togethers with friends, baby showers, and hopefully lots of time outside…and maybe a baby! 🙂

Friday Faves

Here are a few of the things I’m loving lately… 🙂

1. I totally loved starting the week off with going to a gender reveal party for my sweet friend who is home from Germany!  Her little girl is adorable as well and she’s getting a little brother!  I’m looking forward to having her home for the next few weeks!  Oh and now I’m even more excited now to find out what we are having!  Oh and notice that almost 34 week bump I’m sporting there…yep. hello baby!

2. These puppies are hilarious.  They definitely are fighting for dominance and love to fight over the spot underneath my chair.  Though, they were able to play tug of war with each other.  Boaz takes on the bully of an older brother role and likes to flaunt any and all toys that he picks up.  He also uses his speed to get away whenever needed.  Oh puppies!


3. I saw this sign outside of Kohl’s and loved it!  This little reminder is such a good one for me.  I love keeping in mind that when I am saying no to some things…oftentimes, I am saying no so that I can say YES to something else that I believe is important or valuable.  Plus, getting to say yes to things you love is pretty much the best.  IMG_7868

4. Boaz is in for such a surprise when this little baby comes!  I’ve been having fun getting more baby things and getting ready.  Well, let’s be honest.  We’ve mainly just gotten the “important” things…a Bob jogging stroller, car seat, and this sweet Nuna Sena. Everything else has been given to us.  Let’s just say that my mom is beyond excited for her first grand baby.  I’m still searching for that perfect going home outfit.  I figure I can’t control much, but I can control having one of those!  Any favorite places to buy baby clothes!?IMG_7852

5. I’ve also been loving working on this puzzle and even finishing it!  There was a ton of blue sky and water, which made some of the pieces difficult, but not too bad.  Plus, there were pieces that glowed in the dark.  Super cool.  IMG_7855That’s what I’ve been loving lately.  Oh and warmer weather finally!

What about you? What would be on your list?


Saturday Love

Here’s a nice little weekly round-up/picture catch-all/fun post for you to enjoy on your Saturday.  I’m mostly napping and catching up on some Downton Abbey today…I might sneak to a coffee shop for a treat later. 🙂

Sunroofs and sunglasses always make a day better even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Hello Minnesota winters.IMG_7387

At least somebody has fun running in the snow 🙂IMG_7379

Meanwhile, I try to convince Boaz that we can just go on the treadmill and that I get to read…he’s kind of a fan, but I’m sure he would rather go faster. IMG_7372

this sign in my office is always a good reminder…this week: be open to what I need and be willing to ask for it.IMG_7362

my pretty new planner! While I would have loved one of Kelly Rae Roberts, this little one will do the trick since hers sold out so fast! IMG_7363I’m working my way through this now that I don’t have graduate school.  I’m learning about vowels right now!

back to my lazy saturday…. 🙂


Oh Boaz :)



In case you happen to not be big on Instagram or Facebook, you might have missed out on this little picture that got posted this weekend.  And let me tell you.  I’ve been laughing about this picture since we took it.  Not to mention that I was laughing while we were trying to get the “perfect” picture.  This was probably like picture #73 or something crazy (granted, I used some fast action hold the button down to take a bunch at once, but still).  In the end, I was so happy that he did mostly cooperate and that we got a fun picture!

Either way.  This was our second pose/position and Boaz decided all on his own to hold the “baby” by the foot.  I’m a fan.  The foot action adds to the hilariousness of the photo.

Since you all are here, you get in on some of the hilarious pictures that didn’t make the cut.


Ha! One of the first “interactions.” Baby CPR?

Yep…my wait command is not working as Boaz shakes his head…


This was a option #1 before we saw the greatness of the picture we picked. IMG_7288And the husband is the expert at getting him to obey.  He walked away after this and walked to where the dog was looking the right away and hello sweet, hilarious picture!

So, yes. I’m thrilled, we’re thrilled, and we’re in for a crazy journey come summer when we get to add Baby Z to the mix!   Boaz is in for quite the surprise….!  I’ve been praying often that Baby Z and Boaz will become fast friends.

What’s Up Wednesday

IMG_1934hearing Boaz crunch on an apple that I deemed too old for me to eat

seeing the book of Luke and my DSM book

thinking that I’m ready for spring and to be able to go outside!

doing bible reading, breaking free, and a final exam

looking forward to seeing sigur ros, going to virginia, and planning another vacay

feeling content and happy to have Boaz home

touching the wooden chairs my grandmother made

missing africa and friends

thankful for being able to sleep in, cereal, pretty wedding pictures, marriage, friends, sunlight, mountains

excited about going to the mountains again

coming up easter, spring, and ally & levi coming home!

something old the shorts i’m wearing that i love

something new a super soft liberty sweatshirt that i got for free

something blue Boaz’s chew toy


3 months and counting

Kriger Jackson Hole Wedding 2012_0117

3 super happy months of being married! woot! in celebration, I went through our wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures to finally post them on facebook.  if we’re friends, you can look at them here. made me totally want to do the whole day over again and to run off to the mountains and the beach like now. but instead, i’ll make a list of all the fun things i love about life right where i’m at! in no particular order here are 12 things for the 12th.

1. being married

2. my awesome husband

3. my adorable dog Boaz who loves me

4. my church family.

5. a wonderful place to live that is warm even though it’s still cold outside

6. traveling to look forward to in the future

7. friends’ super cute babies

8. being able to e-mail and text best friends

9. being able to cook all sorts of deliciousness

10.  pinterest boards of lovely things

11. books to read and time to read them

12. mornings spent with god reading the bible and doing the breaking free bible study

What are you loving about your life right now?

Kriger Jackson Hole Wedding 2012_0161

It’s the little things

from my year of celebrate and going back to my year of joy, i learned that more often than not it’s the little things that make you smile and love life. i’ve been meaning to jump on board ever since i saw carrie start, but i just haven’t until today! so here goes…

1.a treadmill for Boaz and me

2. e-mailing and texting with friends far away

IMG_51273. a yummy black bean burger with spinach and cheese

4. sitting on the couch together

Pinned Image

5. His plans


Hello Hue Little Things


I’ve discovered that I need to be willing to say “hello” in order to have the opportunity to love well.  Since I’ve experienced the revolving door of missions and life, I find myself hesitating to engage.  I skirt the outside of the group waiting to see where the cards will fall.  I toss the decision back and forth in my mind about whether or not it’s worth it to put my heart out there.  Saying good-bye over and over is hard on a heart.

Coming to Greece challenged me like none other in this area. I knew I’d only have a limited amount of time here to meet people and then the good-bye’s would come.  I came in unintentionally with an agenda of not crying or connecting too deeply.  That didn’t work.  Not at all.

I couldn’t help but love big and love hearing everyone’s stories.  I found myself opening up and making heart connections.  I stripped the masks slowly and painfully.  I stared in the mirror at my own weaknesses and insecurities.  And the beautiful thing? I was loved deeply.  The girls here ushered me in with grace sprinkled hands that knew how to hold my heart well.  They pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to jump off the cliff.

The hard good-bye’s taught me that I can risk and show up and that the hello is absolutely worth it.

fill in the blank

Mondays beg for light-hearted fun so come join in and fill in your own blanks!

1. Right now I want to be ______.

2. I love seeing _____.

3. I’m praying for ______.

4. _____ makes my heart smile.

5. I’m looking forward to _____.

Your turn!


here are mine…

1. secure

2. god

3. people to know god. healing. god encounters. joy. love. friends. a mentor. jobs. tough skin. firm foundations. patience. trust.

4. love and joy–all the way from the way a little girl runs toward a mama to the exhale of a big hug to an invitation to hang out to deep heart conversations to painted sunsets and sunrises to words that build up to so much more.

5. school


That beautiful time of the week slipped into place without notice.  Friday, you’ve come all too soon and yet right on time. My heart still needs to play a little catch up and my head wants to process oh so much more.  Time swooshes by and I’m reaching for air to exhale so I’m ready for a little ditty of writing without editing. Five minutes without frills.  The real, raw kind of writing that hits my soul in a refreshing way.  No holds bar. Whatever pours out onto the page.  And today, we’re writing on….


I crinkle the sides of my face when I think about the beautiful thing the Lord did.  If you’ve seen my face and the laughter that comes when talking about this story then you’ll know that I’ve found my safe place.  I found someone safe who listens to my whole story.  I laugh because for so long I kept secret about this refuge because I hadn’t learned how to swallow my pride.  Most often people gets bits of my story and bits of my heart.  Those who know the whole story lodge themselves in the depths of my heart. This healing process with this counselor friend mentor peer beautiful soul  unfolds in unexpected ways and I’m realizing that the journey toward wholeness requires telling the whole story.  The more pieces I tell the more I come together and fold unto myself in wholeness amidst the brokenness. God loves hearing me share the whole story. So do other people. The real parts of life. Life’s too short to skimp on these.


what pours out of your heart when you write about “whole”?