light, fluffy side

since i know that the other post didn’t quite fit with the light, fluffy side of life and friday…here’s a little balance:

if we met in real life….
you’d find out that i rarely blow dry my hair. it’s either up or braids or curly air dried.
you’d probably hear me reference something/someone “happy” and i’d say “haibo” in there somewhere.
you’d find sunglasses as a permanent fixture on top of my head.
you’d see that i carry a BIG purse with lots of stuff in it like a bible and a book and a journal for sure.
you’d see my necklace which has now turned into a smattering–a cute etsy necklace with a map of africa which i got from a friend, a heart from a friend, and a knock off version of a tiffany’s cross that i bought myself when i first became a christian.

your turn to share!

heart, be still

i keep whispering

oh my heart.

heart, be still.

i keep praying

for Him to hold my heart.

some days.

my heart runs wild.

i throw on the bridle

steer away from the “what if”

toward the truth

toward the One who answers my questions

so i curl up in my bed

to find that it’s okay

it’s okay, baby girl, to be real

to feel

to let the tears slide

yet in that to know Him

to keep on praising Him

no matter the circumstances

to give Him all the glory

and that’s when He wipes my tears

listens to my wild heart

and I am known by Him.