you:create…paint on my fingers and a happy heart

Guess what!? I finally spent time painting for you:create!  I’ve only been wanting and thinking and planning of painting something since the beginning…so I’m pretty excited to share my little creation and the journey to get there with you all 🙂

of course I had to include a…hello, this is me, ready to create after running. and yeah, it was a hood day!

after painting over what had been on there (it was a jigsaw puzzle like fun thing that I just didn’t know how to finish so a fresh start was needed!), I was left with a blank blue canvas….why blue? because it would cover the other colors well and I used green on this little pretty.

Next I added a these super cute little flowery star bursts.

Then…well, I pretty much laid on the floor for a long while and pondered quotes, words, pictures, and the like. I let twitter and facebook and blogs keep me occupied. Oh and I still had the song “Have Your Way” by Britt Nicole on repeat…I did listen to “Defender” a few times though too.

Finally, I decided that this quote just fit too well with the sun/star bursts that I put it around them: “When I met Christ, I felt that I had swallowed sunshine.” -E. Stanley Jones

After that, I gave into my love for words and felt that being this year’s word…Joy needed to make an appearance.  But, then, just to add a bit more. Since I thought from the beginning this verse would work it’s way in there, I added it to the top: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11. Oh, and I made those sun/star bursts into flowers. I felt they needed some distinction with all the yellow happening.

All that was left was to find a place for it…though, the walls in my room are pretty much covered! So, I wandered around and tried it a few places but then saw this place wide open in my closet.  I so love making spaces and since I spend a bit of time pondering what to wear I thought it fit perfectly.  Plus, I can see it from my bed and I must say that it matches my favorite plate that I made (er, only plate!) and the cute bucket. Oh, and note all those journals…yeah, I write a lot 🙂

So, there you have it. Until next week!

p.s. what have you created lately?!