this is how we overcome

i write it down

so that i can remember

to place a stone

like those who crossed the Jordan

because last week

god met me in a whole new way

and you’re never the same after a god encounter

in a smattering of moments i found my tent enlarged and heart expanding. words pale in comparison to all that my heart feels about last week, but i’ll try to give you a little glimpse of all the joy and love…

*a night spent chatting on the bed after lights out with moriah and ashley in a bouncing type of conversation from thinking the best of other people to build a bear to giggling to forgiveness to food

*talking about how we can have lots of favorites with taylor and carrying her on my back while dancing

*laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing some more….the joy of the lord is contagious

*god giving me a picture and word for the group about how we are sparkling jewels in His crown…a unique, beautiful display.

*saying it’s okay baby girl

*swimming with girlies who would push me in, grab onto my arm, hug me and just love on me

*bedtime prayers and devotions and hugs and always wanting more time

*lots and lots of high fives and cheering

*getting to see someone get so excited about speaking in tongues for the very first time

*broken down and crying in the middle of a service because i never knew that i could love so much…that i could be so full and torn and have my heart hurt for the ones around me and for those in africa all at once

*quiet moments stolen away with jesus in the morning

*jumping, smiling, dancing so hard that i was worn out after worship

*hearing little heart’s dreams

*holding girls and loving on them

*hearing god’s word spoken and memorized

my list goes on and on and on…i’ve filled up over 100 spots on my joy list and those are just the beginning. my heart is overflowing.

did you ever go to camp as a kid or as a counselor? what was your highlight?