you:create…prayer boxes!

hello cute little prayer boxes!

Now, I wish I could say that I created these lovely boxes wholly, but, alas, I did not.  They used to hold cards, which were super cute!  After reading Redeeming Love last month, I decided I just must start my own little prayer box!  The book talks about how one of the side characters tucked away little prayers and then took out the ones that they were answered.

I started with the first one as a box to keep all the prayers, but being a little sentimental I couldn’t bring myself to throw away answered prayers!  Seems irreligious!  So, I searched for the second box to hold answered prayers.  I still need to add something to the inside, but am not sure what yet…still waiting for a verse or a quote or something to pop out.  Any suggestions?

For the first box, I left it alone until this week.  I didn’t like the quote inside so I added a little of my own jazz.  Obviously, I added the name that holds such value to me (Hephzibah=My delight is in her) and well then to just throw in a little vulnerability out there–trust me, I chatted with God about just using the closed box picture but He seemed pretty insistent on transparency, authenticity, and accountability.  There are a whole lot of stories wrapped up around that little prayer that I’m sure I’ll share eventually and well some of you already know them, but they’re for another day.  Either way, I’m excited to someday put that one in the other box after a beautiful wedding…until then, I’m reminding myself of it.

For a random side note to end…I do want to say that I love how God takes all these prayers, desires, thoughts and brings me along my path to show me His way.  Sometimes the prayers are answered spot on and other times they are worked out in a beautiful different way.  Some can’t even be fully answered until that last day or just aren’t measurable.  Regardless, He hears me pour out my soul and it’s not a game of “put it in the box and your wish will be granted.”  No, it’s an I’m loving You and Your people and am excited to add some stones of remembrance of Your everlasting faithfulness.

So, your turn:

Any of you have a prayer box or creative way you pray?

Did you create anything this week?

Have you been vulnerable?