Embrace your Place

As I read a Christine Caine devotional, she used the phrase “embrace your place.” She went on to talk about how David’s story in the Bible shows us how he did not hurry God’s plans along nor did he slow them down. He embraced where he was and moved into the next place as God prompted. This got me to thinking about all the “places” that I sometimes even don’t realize I am in and am called to embrace.

I’m in a season of mothering littles, being a wife, living here with the neighbors surrounding me, at my church, my job, being a daughter, a runner, an adventurer, a creative, and so forth. So many different areas with highs and lows. Some days embracing the place can be super easy when I’m loving it. Others, I may be tempted to complain about still being here.

Through it all, it’s such a privilege to be in these places. I get to live this life God has given me.

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