Five Minute Friday: Testimony

Another Friday has come! Here goes writing for 5 minutes…


As I’m here in a hotel with kids bouncing around, I am reminded of all the little moments in my own testimony that accompany my story of walking with Jesus. The thing about testimonies is that they keep growing. God keeps showing up.

I could share about some of the mountain highs with God and about the times where He met me in the valley. I can rattle off the big and small details. The mundane and the defining moments.

Tonight, I’m bringing to mind a prophetic word given to us shortly after we got married (my mind is on all things wedding because my son is a ring bearer tomorrow!).

This word added another stone of remembrance to my pile of my own love story. The part of the word that so encouraged my heart when we got it was that he shared about how all those around us would see that God brought us together so much so that their mouths would be shut and there’d be no question that God’s hand was working in us together. I have the words written away in a journal but I remember being excited to see just what God would have us do together.


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