Five Minute Friday: Success

I’m back here again ready to spend a few minutes writing. Hope you enjoy and are having a fun Friday!


I recently listened to the Carey Nieuwhoff podcast with JD Greear and Todd Wilson (#287 on the podcast). While they were talking about church multiplication and leaving a legacy, one of them shared a moment with the Lord that has stuck with me. If you have a chance go listen because there is depth in hearing tone and emotion but in short I’ll give you the general idea.

One of the guys was praying about their church and wanting to see their church really impact the city even to the point of ending up in history books. He felt like God came back and asked him what if it’s not your church–do you still have such a heart for these people that you want to see that?

The story hit my heart and resonated with me. There is so much “success” in the Kingdom that we may be a part of but we may not be given credit. Our prayers may bring change that we never see in our lifetime.

Jesus has such a way of taking what we think would be success and showing us a different way. He shows up going lower and clothed in humility. He did not seek to become the king or to bring out weapons.

May my version of success become more about time with the Father and obedience. May my eyes be opened to seeing what God is doing in circumstances. Not my will but Your will be done.