Five Minute Friday: START

We made it to Friday again! This week has been both slow going and fast all at once. My littlest has his birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to celebrating him! Otherwise, hoping for some nice weather on Sunday to keep working on finishing our outside projects. Before all that time to jump into today’s 5 minute writing prompt…


I couldn’t fall back asleep so I decided to start my day. I can tell fall and winter are starting to come because the sun hasn’t come up yet and my house has a bit of chill this morning from the rain yesterday. Normally, I sleep until one of my kids wakes me up and they’re ready to go so this quiet start feels a little lonely and a little like a gift.

My morning list has been running through my head but I’m choosing to start today with rest. God is calling me to be with him in a restful way. There are days I start off with study or journaling or declarations but today He is saying just come be with agenda, no rush. I gave you some extra time so you can have a slow start. It’s okay to be. It’s okay to start where you are. It’s okay to start slow. There’s no gold star for busyness when God is calling you to listen and be with Him.


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