Five Minute Friday: Back

Jumping on again to write about this week’s prompt!


I look back and see just how far I have come on this twisting road. I’m not sure yet whether I like where I have landed but I’m trusting the process. If I’m honest, there have been detours I downright dislike. I have a hard time remembering that this is not the end and that there is more to come.

I would like to think that I could have written a better story and that I know best. Though, I know that is not really true. Plus, the things I would have written may have had other hard (or harder?) outcomes. There is simply the tension of living without ever knowing what taking a different path would have brought along.

So, today, I look back and choose to find all the things I can be grateful for along the path that I am on…

A husband (though, not perfect, he sure cheers me on and is full of steady and adventure)

4 sweet babies with 3 under my roof

3 trips to South Africa (with hopefully lots more to come)

Other travels around the world such as Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Greece, Italy, England…not to mentions stateside travels (with hopefully more to come here too)

Time’s up…my list could get longer but I’ll stick to the rules.

Your turn! What would you write about Back?

Five Minute Friday

I’m dusting off my keyboard and joining in on the Five Minute Friday community. This week the prompt is pace and I’m going to see what comes out in 5 minutes and I won’t even go back and edit! If you want to join in here’s the link (


I have been helping out with this program called BIO Girls this summer. We meet weekly and have a time for a devotional, a lesson, small group time, and a workout. We are working our way up to running a 5k race together. The girls are 2nd-6th grade and the idea is to teach and share that we are beautiful inside and out (BIO). The girls have been taught about positive self talk, cheering each other on, being a friend, and also have been given practical tips on running.

As we have been training, I have realized just how much I do know about running (I still feel like a newbie since I never was in track or cross country even though I’ve since run 2 marathons, trained for a 3rd that was cancelled due to a blizzard, finished a half marathon under 2 hours, and put on countless miles…I still don’t always feel like a “runner”…kind of silly!). Regardless, this opportunity has shown me what I have learned about pacing as I’ve seen how the girls are learning how to pace themselves. Some of the girls have experience running and others running is not even their exercise of choice.

There’s so much to pacing from starting out too fast and burning out to not pushing yourself and keeping a slower pace than what is possible. There are all sorts of things that can get in the way of your pace too–heat, negative self-talk, a friend who wants to slow down or speed up, a change in terrain, and even knowing the course ahead of time.

As I think about pace, I keep thinking back to my own pace in my life in general and how I want to run the race God has set before me. I keep telling some friends that I feel like life is slipping away…and I wonder if it has to do with my pace and my long term vision..I wonder if God has more to say to me about my pace and my race…

Time’s up!

Thanks for reading my unedited, raw thoughts. Maybe see you next Friday!

Friday Favorites

  • 1. Finishing and starting books!
  • I finally finished reading The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun. This was such a challenging, convicting, and encouraging read all rolled into one. A fellow intern actually gave me the book way back in 2009 and I’ve been carrying it around on my “to read” list since then. I’m so glad I read it! I’m working my way through Craig Groeschel’s Hope in the Dark and Tsh Oxenreider’s At Home in the World while waiting to get Deep Work by Cal Newport from the library again.

    2. Leaving my phone behind

    After reading Digital Minimalism, I have been way more intentional about leaving my phone in the car or at the house when I don’t need it. I love doing this! I feel so much better and am able to enjoy the moments even more. I am still processing this book and have lots of thoughts.

    3. Sprinkles and white chocolate chips

    I found sprinkles at Whole Foods without the junky red dye #4 and all the other color dyes! Plus, I snagged some of their mini white chocolate chips and they were delicious. Two of my favorite things.

    4. Music

  • A few songs that have been on repeat here this week are Waymaker (there are a few versions) and Powerful God by Expression58 Worship.
  • Africa

    My kids are playing happily today and I found myself flipping through pictures from our last trip to South Africa. I intentionally tried to be present during this trip last year and not on my phone so I didn’t end up with tons of my own photos so I’m extra grateful for the ones that others took!

    I have loved being pregnant (sure I could do without morning sickness but otherwise) and honestly have felt super happy in my body most of the time while pregnant. I was about 17 weeks pregnant in this picture and was enjoying little flutters. Plus, we were in Africa..could life get much better?

    We were working hard at pulling weeds and getting roots out. All sorts of yard work that my own yard needs. (Realistically I should be out weeding or mowing or something now…or maybe finishing laundry or mopping)

    But instead I’m here looking back for a moment and remembering all that God did on the trip. And how my littlest guy even got to tag along. Here’s to more pictures of happy moments along the way. They sure outweigh the harder moments.

    11 Months

    Canon…you are almost 1! But we still have a whole month and this stage is one of my favorites.

    What we have learned…walking is now your preferred mode of transportation, you now make a bit of noise when you want some more food, you’re not as keen on mom and dad leaving you, and you still love to give raspberries ha.

    What we are enjoying…summer! Walks, hiking Inspiration Peak, the hammock, playing outside, and being together.

    What are struggles…still working on more sleep and getting things done.

    Most exciting milestones…lots of walking! 6 teeth.

    What Canon seems to like…walking, climbing over us, climbing the church stairs, climbing on the dishwasher, trying to get outside, being held, following Asher and Melea, taking all the toys out, and opening/banging cupboard doors.

    Dislikes seem to be…not getting food fast enough, not getting to climb wherever he wants, and being overtired.

    What sleep looks like…he still gets up around 7:30/8 and then naps in the morning and afternoon. Occasionally sneaks in a third nap. Still waking up to eat a few times in the night..

    He’s eating…milk and whatever we are eating! Not a huge fan of mushy stuff but will try anything. Cutting back on nursing during the day slowly so maybe in the last week it’s been more like 3-5 times a day. He doesn’t seem to have any particular favorite foods.

    Who we have seen…finally got to meet Adriella and get all the kids together!

    At the last doctors appointment…he’s wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month clothes with a few 18 month thrown in there. At the end of June, he weighed 19 lb 4.5 oz and was 29 inches tall and his head was 48 cm.

    10 Months

    And suddenly I seem to have three kids at home instead of two and a baby!

    What we have learned…how to take a few steps, how fun it is to open cupboards, standing, and how to throw your arms up when we say “yay”

    What we are enjoying…summer! Lots of walks, time outside, time reading books, and just being together.

    What are struggles…we all could do with going to bed earlier! The sun staying up is messing with us.

    Most exciting milestones…first steps! Standing, 6 teeth.

    What Canon seems to like…bear crawling and standing and trying to walk! He loves crawling over and on us when we are on the floor. He still loves chasing his siblings and trying to wake them up in the morning.

    Dislikes seem to be…being overtired, falling down, and not getting to eat whatever anyone else is eating.

    What sleep looks like…he loosely gets up around 7:30/8 and then naps in the morning and afternoon. Still waking up to eat a few times and likes to snack.

    He’s eating…milk and whatever we are eating! If someone has food, he wants it! Still eating often throughout the day…maybe still every 3 hours.

    Who we have seen…lots of relatives at Grandma Juanita’s funeral.

    At the last doctors appointment…he’s wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month clothes with a few 9 month and 18 month thrown in there. At the end of June, he weighed 19 lb 4.5 oz and was 29 inches tall and his head was 48 cm.