BIO Girls

This summer I helped with a program called BIO Girls. We met for 12 weeks and built relationships with girls around 2nd grade to 5th grade. Each week, we had some fun activities, a lesson, and a workout. The big goal at the end was to run a 5k race together. Now, there were definitely ups and downs within the weeks as well as pros/cons with the program but mostly I loved being with the girls. I loved getting a chance to know them a little bit better and to really cheer them on each week! Yesterday, we ran our race and even though the weather was super rainy that morning we were still able to run! The girls did so well and crushed their goals. Every girl finished the race and accomplished so much.

I personally don’t have a PR for my 5k to take home but I had the privilege and honor to run alongside someone who does have one! Being in the role of mentor and coach may not get you on the podium but it sure makes for an even more valuable, worthwhile, and memorable experience!