4 years

Grief has a funny way of being very present and still changing with time. I don’t always know how to navigate these waters and am figuring it out as we go. Sometimes I want a manual to tell me what’s coming but then I doubt we would fit the mold.

We made a cake again this year to celebrate. We’ve all grown this past year (especially Canon! He was so little last year). I find myself still trying to find the words to talk about my kids. I get kind of stubborn and start adding “at home” to things. Like I have three kids at home and how Canon is the third at home. I’m sure most people don’t notice but for me it helps acknowledge I have another sweet baby who is with Jesus (an even better home) without having to constantly go through the explanation of how we lost a baby.

So, sweet Enoch, I remember you so often and miss you. While I wish you were home with us, I’m grateful for the hope we have in heaven. You are loved. Still.