Inspiration Peak

We hiked up Inspiration Peak a few weeks back and I love the picture we got at the top. There’s so much going on in and behind the scenes.

Asher was excited to be at the top and was talking to everyone up there. He could have kept talking through the picture but got his I’m going to try to smile look on his face. The sun was super bright. Melea was still waking up since she had fallen asleep in the car on our way there. She did not want to be in the picture and aptly covered her face. Canon was along for the ride and handling the sun decently well considering. Ryan and I were somewhere between smiling and laughing at our attempts to get a photo looking into the sun with our crew.

Lots of imperfect, not posed, real life going on here. But we made it. We made it to the top together and didn’t give up when the path got rough or little legs weren’t sure they wanted to keep going. We brought lots of snacks to share when we reached the top. We made time for it when we could have been working on our umpteenth house project. And we have a picture to go with it.