We spent our Labor Day doing some hard “labor” and lots of wheelbarrowing. I thought I would start counting how many loads of dirt and rock I filled…but I definitely lost track. I estimated about 20ish of dirt and 5ish of rock. We still have work to do but I certainly was grateful to be done for the day!

I’m sure our neighbors will be happy when our project finishes up. Though, we gave them all something to watch! We even were able to help others with our leftover sand.

Once we were done with the sand, we put out a sign inviting anyone to come and take some if they need any. I loved hearing all the different projects people were working on or hoping to do.

Someone brought their four boys and loaded up sand to turn a garden into a patio for a picnic table. The boys all worked hard with their varying sized shovels. Another group wanted the sand to fill up their lakeshore. Someone else wasn’t sure what they’d use it for yet but would make a pile. A last group was asking if we would have any dirt left since they missed the sand. They were working on a window well.

From one little (well kind of big) pile of leftover sand, we got to meet and help all sorts of people. A little glimpse into people’s lives we otherwise wouldn’t have seen.