The last two weeks have felt like a mixture between going by faster than I thought they would and feeling like they were two months long.  But here are some of the things that happened:

snakeWe found a cobra near Reception…so we/Dave killed it.  I am NOT a fan of snakes….

soccerWe went to a soccer game!  This is my roomie Chelsea and I at the game 🙂

ditemaWe started painting the ditema at the house we’re building! So pretty 🙂

9620_684133090322_68100089_39934749_495383_nA little story time about the Helmet of Salvation at Hope House.  I love these kids sooo much!

4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Snakes and Stories, sounds like the title of a book. You will never forget your year in Africa, I think it is wonderful the way you have embraced the experience. I spent the day in St. Cloud with Jody, Jakob, Elise and Carol. Just looking around and a few purchases. Jody had an a book delivery so we had an excuse to brave the snowy roads. Big week in Minnesota sports as the Vikings won against the Packers with Brett Farve as quarterback, Twins are playing the Yankees in the playoffs for the league title, Wild started their season and my buddy Tiger Woods is in the Presidents Cup ( the International golfers against the Americans).

    • Sounds like you guys had a full day! I can’t believe it’s already snowy there….not looking forward to that! The weather here is getting to be summer-like. I love it! Glad you’re enjoying the sports–I see tidbits on facebook, but can’t say I really follow too much 🙂

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