I’m Ready Now To Give You Everything

Waking up with my head flooded again

Questions of this life still drown my mind

Thoughts have brought this point of no direction

Certain things I’d rather leave behind

Cause I can’t hold onto this life anymore

So just take it all, take it all away, Lord

Take this aching heart of mine

Take my thoughts and take my mind

Take my guilt and take my pride

Take my life and make it pure

Take my hand and guide me

Take my feet and walk beside me

Take anything, take everything

Craving sleep but this mind is deep again

Questions of tomorrows yet to be

Even though I’ve avoided past correction

I’m ready now to give you everything

Cause if I truly look inside I will find a broken heart that I hopelessly hold onto

and I’m at rock bottom once again

Giving of my pride and sin

And this time I’m giving it all to you