katlehoYesterday, we met some of the kids at Hope House.  Today, we’re meeting Katleho.  He comes to our LaunchPad class at Clubview every Tuesday.  He came last term for our “Becoming A Contagious Christian” curriculum and he’s coming this term as well for “Christ in You.”  He sits in the back row of the class with a couple of his friends.  Last term, he didn’t talk much, seemed more interested in other things, but still had a touch of curiosity and he even came up to talk with me once after class.  Yet, despite all this, I could tell he wanted more.  Even in this picture, you can see a glimpse of his personality, his curiosity, his hope.  LaunchPad is one of my favorite parts of the week. Why? Because I absolutely love seeing lives transformed through God working through engaging curriculum and personal relationships.  I can see the difference in Katleho’s eyes as he comes to class and how he interacts compared to last term.  I see him prompting and delving into the discussion questions with his friends.  I am excited for God’s work in him and am expectant for even more.  Pray with me for the kids in the LaunchPad classes for radical transformation to be evident in their lives!