Since I missed writing on Friday, I’m playing catch-up on Monday and am going to throw together two posts into one for fun =)

First off…five minute fridays! Writing for 5 minutes flat without any editing! This week’s prompt is…


I wake up once again and roll over in my bed with my eyes still sleepy.  I write and delete again. This little writing exercise isn’t supposed to be about deleting…but today, I’m there.  Trying to write about how God is faithful over and over.  Debating about writing about how many times God surprises me again.  So I write it out and then am like hey I still have a few minutes…I don’t like it so I’ll start again.  But that’s the beauty of this.  I can delete it. I’m given a fresh slate.  A brand new white shiny page to write my heart out on.  God does the same thing.  His mercies are new every morning.  We get to start fresh again. Let the morning bring news of your lovingkindness and when I hear Your voice…I’m coming running again to hide in Your arms.

Time’s up!

Now for the little things from last week in no particular order!

-snuggling with the puppy.

-a full dishwasher from a fun night with friends

-delicious gluten free oreo cheesecake bites!

-the husband getting home earlyish on friday night after a full week of work

-being able to start counting my hours for grad school


-going through our five questions

Photo on 1-25-13 at 12.39 PM #2IMG_5234IMG_5226

2 thoughts on “Catch-Up

    • I will have to post the recipe! And I’ll write a blog about the 5 questions…I might have sent it you before, they’re just ones to go through each week =)

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