Mountain Climbing

I’m terrified of heights.  I like being strapped in and know that I’m safe and sound.  I get freaked out if I look down and see how far I could fall.  With hiking, you get the illusion that you’re not really that high up because you’re on the ground and well it’s just different somehow–to me at least!  Plus, I love the view and the sense of accomplishment when you get to the top.  Amazing.  All of that to preface that we climbed Eagle’s Head this weekend.  

We started out early in the morning (7:00am) on Saturday.  Fog covered everything, but we were anxious to get started.  Unfortunately, we didn’t listen to the voice of reason, Allen, who A.) wanted us to go this one way B.) thought we should wait until the fog cleared a bit.  All of that led to going up the “hard” or not normal way.  Usually the climb should be pretty easy and really a hike not a climb.  Instead, we found ourselves climbing through crevices and shimmying up through cave like structures all the while steering clear as much as possible from the sheer rock.  

After a while, we ended up splitting up.  A group wanted to try to climb up through these trees while another group thought they wanted to go and myself and two others decided we didn’t want to just go that way without knowing if there was a better way to get down.  In the end, we should have gone with them because they found a quicker way down, but all in all we definitely had an adventure and grew closer because of it!  The climb down included some very interesting pathways and lots of prayer 🙂  Super fun, though, looking back on the climb!  Here are some pictures for you:



celebrationOne of the Celebration pictures


viewOne of the gorgeous views 🙂 

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