Laundry day is Monday.  Every Monday, we are fortunate to have our rooms cleaned and our laundry washed as well as air dried so pending a rainless Monday we get the clothes back the same day.  At first, I had mixed feelings about this (the laundry not the cleaning…I’m more of an “organizer” than cleaner) because I like to be responsible if something bad happens to my clothes.

All of that preface to get to the real story.  This morning I woke up, went running and came back to get dressed.  I wanted to wear my happy bermuda jean shorts (seen below) because we were going to be teaching LaunchPad today.  I was already in a “I have no clue what to wear and I just don’t want to wear anything” mood too. So, I go to put them on and they fit funny and seem way shorter than they normally are and just are not the same.  I try to roll them up since they were ironed flat and that just does not work either.  I give up and figure they washed them funny and will deal with them later.  I decide to wear a skirt instead with my black shirt except then I find out that I don’t have my black shirt and can’t find it. I have a ridiculous “I’m sad and want to cry” moment before getting over myself and putting on a different outfit.

All the while, I asked my roommate if she had seen my black shirt to which she responded no, but that some jeans were on my chair for me.  She later let me know that she was missing some shorts.  I didn’t think anything of it and went about my day.

Fast forward and I finally check the jeans and find out oh wait, they’re not jeans….they’re my shorts that fit funny and thought were ruined!  Apparently, the shorts that fit funny were hers!  Oh, the irony!  🙂