Eagle’s Head

I climbed the Eagle’s Head today with Tara and Andrew!  There are 3 mountains on the Thrive Africa base: Everest (I know, I know…not the one everyone thinks about), Moihook (not sure on the spelling, but it’s pronounced like moy-hook) and then Eagle’s Head.  The last one is named because at the top there are rocks that really do look like an eagle’s head, fun, huh?  We even found a wonderful little lake on the top of the mountain too.  I had “heaps” of fun as Andrew, the Aussie would say.  I love being able to go out on a Saturday and hike and climb!  Here are a couple of pictures for you:

img_2694Taking a break…notice my rock for my pillow, ha!

img_2668the pond/lake

img_2708I climbed that!

The Interns

the internsAndrew, Jen, Chelsea, Sam, Katy, Allen, Tara, Amiel

Andrew: The Aussie and the youngest at age 16, but also an amazing cook!

Jen: The oldest at 24 who is from Virginia.

Chelsea: My roomie!  She is from Colorado and is always smiling

Sam: From New Jersey, a vegan, and super sweet personality

Katy: the writer of this blog

Allen: Californian who will help you out if you get stuck on a rock and can’t get down..

Tara: From Michigan and loves to climb and be outside. She hates watching movies.

Amiel: From Illinois, used to work at Starbucks, and thinks mentoring is awesome