Friday Loves

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week!  I’ve been fighting a cold the last few days so there’s a slight theme with some… :)  

1. Hot water with honey!  This has totally made it easier to drink lots of fluids. Nursing and being sick meant upping the fluids quite a bit!

2. Ice cream…for a sore throat :)  I’ve been loving the Natural Vanilla from Breyer’s and Pistachio Pistachio by Ben & Jerry’s and Cinnamon Buns by Ben and Jerry’s.  I’ve been looking for the best cookies and cream ice cream out there but can never remember which brands I like and don’t like.  Plus, if anyone ever finds Mint Chocolate Cookie by Ben and Jerry’s let me know….I miss that flavor a lot!

3. Time with Asher, Boaz, and Ryan (when he’s not at work).  Boaz has been such a good sport with all his crazy allergies and then with more kennel time when I got sick.  He’s been so cute around Asher too.  Though, he’s made it his mission to find all of Asher’s pacifiers…


4. An awesome 2 mile run with the husband and Asher!  I was super happy with our time considering we had a stroller to push (we each took it for a mile) and since we haven’t been running much.  I ran/walked 3 miles the other day with Asher and Boaz…and let me tell you that is a whole new ball game handling a stroller and a leash!  Also, I’ve so been toying with the idea of sneaking in a half marathon before the weather turns cold, but based on timing it looks like we will have to shoot for next summer for some races.  Maybe we can find a stroller friendly race!

IMG_8848 IMG_8849

5.  My husband who takes such good care of me while I’m sick!  From helping with Asher to coming home from work early to taking care of the dog to getting me what I want….I’m glad I married him and super glad he’s Asher’s dad!



Lately…there’s been a swirl of things to write about going through my head and I even had one started but then the gremlins decided to eat it up and not even save a draft!  I’m sure I’ll learn to hit save draft before heading onto the next thing (usually feeding Asher…he likes to eat. a lot!).

Lately…the weather has been absolutely close to perfect.  We’ve been loving going on walks throughout the day and just getting outside when we can.  Boaz has been thrilled about this and he’s been such fun to see run up and down the road.  He really does love a good sprint.  Though, speaking of Boaz, he’s been having a rough week.  He started itching and scratching like crazy last Tuesday and we finally figured out that he apparently has seasonal allergies (welcome to the family…) so they’ve just started him on a nice series of steroids, which will hopefully kick his symptoms to the curb!  So far, he’s seeming sleepier.  IMG_8758 IMG_8664Lately…the Lord’s been teaching me about faithfulness, goodness, and being planted.  There’s been such a press on my heart to learn to lean into this idea of a quiet and gentle mixed with wholehearted and influential life (sounds like a whole lot of fluffy words that need a lot of fleshing out to really know what they mean and look like…I know…that’s for another post).  I’m leaning into stepping away from the idea that where I am, who I am, and what I am doing are not enough and instead stepping into the idea that there is much to be said about a simple, faithful, and obedient life.  Come December, I will have been here for five years and that messes with my head with so many questions.  Yet, the Lord’s faithfulness has been ever evident throughout these five years even if it’s mostly been in ways I would never have anticipated at the beginning.

Oh! I heard a little squawk from my little man.  Time to hit publish before this post gets sucked into a black hole never to be seen again!



Boaz doesn’t know what to think of tummy time…

What’s been going on with you lately?


All Smiles


I haven’t been able to capture his full on smile yet on camera, but these little smiles have been pretty fun to see.  I am so thankful that he’s a happy little man and already seems to like to smile.  His favorite places to smile are on the changing pad after getting a new diaper on, in his rock n play, and apparently Target sometimes makes him smile too!  He also had me smiling (after I made sure he was alive and well) early this morning when I woke up and realized that he had slept 6ish hours straight!  That was a very pleasant surprise!  Now to coax some more smiles out of him… :)

Top 5

Here are the top 5 things from my week!

1. We went on a family run/walk with the running group!  This was my first run since having Asher and it felt good to get out there!  Plus, Asher pretty much was a happy guy the whole time and even slept through us getting appetizers with people on the patio after the run.


2. I had the privilege of speaking at Kids Camp!  I love Kids Camp and wish I could have spent more time out there this year, but so loved being able to speak even if I felt a little scattered.  I spoke about Balaam’s Donkey :)

3. Asher is already a month old!  We took some cute pictures too for thank you cards!  And his relationship with Boaz is already hilarious :)


4. Some of our cloth diapers came! I’m excited to try them out after I get them all washed and ready.

5. I’ve been loving a couple of devotions that I downloaded on my phone in addition to spending time reading the Bible and prayer journaling.  God has been gracious and good to me in this season.


1 Month!

Our little man is already a month old!  The last month has both felt super fast and super slow all at once.  Looking back at pictures, I can definitely see how much he has grown and changed since we first met him.  I haven’t looked around too much at the fun monthly updates, but here’s a mixture of a few questions about our family and Asher that I thought could be fun to start!

1 month

What we’ve learned…this month, we’ve learned how to change a LOT of diapers and how to prevent leaks and how to prepare for the potential peeing during a diaper change.  We’ve learned to rock and cuddle and sleep when we can.  We’ve learned to love a whole lot and how much we like sleep.

What we’re enjoying right now…tummy time on mommy and daddy!  Longer walks and times in the car.  Music, music, and more music :) Time alone while Asher naps!

What our biggest struggles are…sleep…what a crazy transition it is to go from sleeping a lot to being thrilled when you get 4 hours in a row.  Though, we are very thankful for when those 4 hours in a row do come!

Asher’s most exciting milestones are…sleeping a bit longer! Making more noises and glimpses of smiles.

What we are looking forward to…baby showers this coming month and having my brothers come to meet Asher!

Asher’s likes and dislikes…he loves tummy time, car rides, walks, grabbing at plastic, kicking, and music.  Dislikes include being hungry, speakers talking, loud noises, being startled, bright sun, and when the stroller stops moving.

What sleep looks like…we are getting up usually two or three times a night to eat.  He’s a hungry little man more often than not!  Usually around 1 or 2 and then again around 4 or 5.  Plus, lots of naps throughout the day too.  Though, we are getting longer wake times now too.

What we’re eating…for Asher, milk, milk, and more milk.  For the rest of us, we’ve had our share of salads, pizza, pasta, granola bars, quiche, tacos, and ice cream!

Who we have seen…a lot of family including getting a 5 generation photo, church family, friends, a Kevin Leal meeting, two family reunions, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. We’ve made trips to the library, Target, church, and Dunn Bros.

At the last doctor appointment…we learned Asher weighs 9 lb 7 oz and is 21 inches long.  This was at about 2 and a half weeks.

25 Things

I snagged this from my favorite Vizsla loving blogger because it looked so fun!

1. I’m happiest when…. 1) I’m hanging out with my favorite people (my boys! the husband, my little man, and Boaz) 2) when I’m outside. 3) eating delicious food


2. …Especially if it… 1) involves mountains, the beach, or some kind of adventure!

3. I’ve always wanted to….move back overseas.

4. My family and I…love going on walks!


5. I was a terrible…er let’s say I have a terrible time noticing things that need to be cleaned.

6. My first job was….babysitting!

7. I could probably eat ice cream and cake every day!


8. I stole…I’ve got nothing on this one…hm.

9. I was born on the same day as….Brad Pitt

10. My all time favorite film is…I do love the Narnia movies and there are a few others too!

11. I do a pretty mean…forehand while playing tennis.

12. I’m still mad…I didn’t take advantage of post-secondary options.

13. I met my husband…at church!


14. I always knew I wanted…enough books to fill a room/library in my house.

15. I’m not afraid to…climb mountains and jump off cliffs!  Well, I may be afraid at times, but I do it anyway!

Cliff Jumping

16. I make the best…desserts!

17. I have almost no…flexibility.  Sit and reach always messed up my physical fitness awards in school.

18. I always cry when…I’m done using anger as a cover up for being hurt.

19. I’m a Minnesotan with who still calls Africa home.


20. I spent 1 year living in South Africa.

21. I wish my folks…the best :)

22. As a child, I was deeply in love with…making up stories

23. I believe if everyone had a better sense of their worth and how loved they are the world would be a better place.

24. I can’t stand…the smell of black licorice.

25. Whenever Amazing Race is on I’ll watch it.  Mainly I love seeing all the amazing places they go!

Your turn!  I’d love to hear your answers to any of these :) 

Friday Love

We made it to Friday!  A full week with the husband back at work.  I’ve been having fun getting to know our little man more each day and he sure makes us smile and laugh a lot!  Plus, he’s already 3 weeks old today!  That is way close to being a month old and so far I totally get how things are in a “blur” for the first bit of having a newborn.  Mostly, though, I’m loving this stage!  Here are some of the things we’re loving…

Things I’m Loving:

1. Tummy time with the little man.  He’s pretty good at cuddling.


2. Lots of walks.


3. Tacos! Pretty sure I’ve eaten tacos for lunch for the last three days.

4. Reading with the husband.  We have continued our habit of reading a book together before bed and it’s one of my favorite times of connecting.  And let’s just say any time spent with him is pretty much my favorite.


5. Sitz baths and showers.  My midwife and my nurses were big on telling me to soak/take a sitz bath in order to help things heal.  I totally jumped on board and have continued to take time to be alone and enjoy hot water!  I like to think they’ve helped me heal up fast too :)

Things Asher is Loving:

1.  Falling asleep during tummy time.  This is one of his favorite places to fall asleep.

2. Eating. eating. and more eating.

3. Being in his car seat for walks or car rides.


4. Kicking his legs like crazy and getting his arms out of his swaddles.

5. Being rocked in his rock n play.


Things Our Family is Loving:

1. Walks with the four of us!

2. Time together in the evenings and mornings.

3. Ice cream! Well…Asher hasn’t tried it yet, but I’m guessing he might like it someday. :)

4. Sleep.

5. Reading books.