Delicious Browned Butter Garlic Pasta

IMG_7207I love when Pinterest pins actually work out!  I was browsing the other day to try to find some yummy variation of pasta to try and stumbled upon two recipes that looked amazing.  Browned Butter Alfredo Pasta and Creamy Garlic Pasta.  I couldn’t decide on one so I opted to combine the two recipes and the result was delicious!  Super rich, way filling, and tasty!  

I followed the instructions to cook the pasta according to the Creamy Garlic recipe which included starting out with olive oil on medium heat with garlic and then adding in butter, salt, pepper, and vegetable broth (or chicken broth for those who like that).  Then I added the pasta and cooked the pasta according to the box’s directions.  While that was going on, I followed the recipe for the sauce on the other recipe.  I melted the butter in a pan on medium and was pleasantly surprised to find that it really does turn brown eventually!  I had my doubts.  Then I turned it to low and added in the heavy cream and the parmesan cheese.  Hello amazing sauce that was poured into the garlicky pasta and the result was delicious!  

Now I’ve got my eye on a few more Pinterest recipes to try…. 🙂