Oh Boaz :)



In case you happen to not be big on Instagram or Facebook, you might have missed out on this little picture that got posted this weekend.  And let me tell you.  I’ve been laughing about this picture since we took it.  Not to mention that I was laughing while we were trying to get the “perfect” picture.  This was probably like picture #73 or something crazy (granted, I used some fast action hold the button down to take a bunch at once, but still).  In the end, I was so happy that he did mostly cooperate and that we got a fun picture!

Either way.  This was our second pose/position and Boaz decided all on his own to hold the “baby” by the foot.  I’m a fan.  The foot action adds to the hilariousness of the photo.

Since you all are here, you get in on some of the hilarious pictures that didn’t make the cut.


Ha! One of the first “interactions.” Baby CPR?

Yep…my wait command is not working as Boaz shakes his head…


This was a option #1 before we saw the greatness of the picture we picked. IMG_7288And the husband is the expert at getting him to obey.  He walked away after this and walked to where the dog was looking the right away and hello sweet, hilarious picture!

So, yes. I’m thrilled, we’re thrilled, and we’re in for a crazy journey come summer when we get to add Baby Z to the mix!   Boaz is in for quite the surprise….!  I’ve been praying often that Baby Z and Boaz will become fast friends.