I’m a bit of a fan of playing around with picmonkey and easel.ly lately and this morning after I finished reading in my Bible, I jumped on board to create something fun for this verse that came out of my time reading in the Psalms!  I am so drawn to the idea of the Lord’s favor and timing.  There is much that I want to rush or check off or simply avoid instead of slowing down and resting in His favor and presence.

Part of slowing down for me lately has included spending time doing Lectio Divina. Fancy word for some focused Bible reading with four parts.  There are different names and styles of this, but a simplified version includes: Listen. Word. Invitation. Response.  For me, I’m reading through Psalms as part of my reading plan and have chosen to use each daily reading in Psalms for Lectio Divina.  Today was Psalm 102.

First, I read through and just listened without anything extra.  The second time reading the chapter included reading with an open heart and open eyes for a word or phrase that sticks out or jumps off the page.  The word “rebuild” came to me as I read this one.  The third time reading the Psalm is when I look for an invitation or something that God is inviting me into.  This is where the verse above stuck out.  Both an invitation into this time of favor and an invitation to live in his presence (verse 28).  Lastly, I get to read through the passage one more time and then write out/pray out/speak out a response to God.

This practice has been such a focusing time for me and I am thankful for the ways the Lord continues to speak to me during it and after as I often spend time journaling.  I’m finding this season is one full of thoughts, emotions, ideas, and much of them tend to be kept tucked away in my journal pages.

Praying that the Lord’s favor springs up to meet you in special ways today.

Have you tried Lectio Divina?

Do you have any Bible reading plans you absolutely adore (I’ve only got a few months left before I finish mine and I’m always looking for new ones!)? 

4 thoughts on “Favor

  1. The word “kairos” popped into my head as I was reading and I was disappointed to not find it in the post. But then I’m still figuring it out myself!!

    It’s from the Greek word sometimes translated “time” but doesn’t mean “time” as in seconds, minutes, years etc. That is the Greek word transliterated “chronos”.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a word for “kairos” in English but your post is an excellent description as it relates to “a time” or “timing” and “favour”, so “a favourable time” or “an appropriate season” (although most people don’t use “season” that way any more.

    Actually, yeah, “timing” is a pretty good way to describe it!

    Anyway, hope that’s helpful.

  2. Thinking about you today and came blog hunting in hopes of bump pictures and YAY for some posts and pics 🙂 hugs…

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