Noodles & Company

The other day, I had a craving for Noodles.  I’ve officially been there twice now.  I ordered the same thing both times.  Pad Thai.  I want to try something else, I do!, but the Pad Thai was super yummy.  Though, I know one friend who only gets the Mac & Cheese.  Plus, a lot of the dishes look yummy!  All that to say, I have a free coupon and another coupon for buy one, get one half off that I get to use this month.  So, do you have Noodles and Company near you?  What do you get?  Any standards that you get every time?  I want to know!

Daring Bakers–YAY!

Yay!  I’m so happy this month actually turned out and was edible!  Here are the pictures:

The “fountain” that proceeded to literally fountain over shortly afterward.  Next time, I’ll use a bowl!  Live and learn on this one.  (I didn’t know what a fountain was until I “googled” it)

Waving while baking 🙂

Yay for super cute braided-ness 🙂

Finished product!!!  1 1/2 with apple filling and one with raspberry.  Delicious.  I definitely did not have to bake these as long as suggested–I must have a super powerful oven or something. 🙂

Fortune Cookie

I LOVE chinese food…especially from Great Hunan. yum. I ate some today.  I had sweet and sour chicken, cream cheese wantons, hot & sour soup, fried rice, fortune cookie.  Sunday Special 🙂 Delicious! Here’s my fortune:

“Love is around the corner”