I’ve discovered the wonder and usefulness of saving drafts.  If I have a quick idea or quote that I want to write more about later I can save a draft, let it simmer and come back to reap the harvest.  I have about 3-4 drafts right now waiting to be unleashed.  I’m going to read a great book The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss now, but maybe tomorrow I’ll let loose the power of the drafts!  Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and getting outside 🙂  

p.s. I’m reading through Hebrews right now…what are you reading in the Bible or otherwise?

Love it!

I am loving the weather today 🙂 I’ve spent the morning reading and laying out on my deck enjoying the sunshine.  Heavenly.  Summer finally seems like it might be here.  I’m not holding my breath, but here’s to hoping.  

White Chocolate Covered…well Anything!

I’m obsessed with white chocolate and chocolate covered things!  Therefore, I decided I’d go the healthy/unhealthy combo of fruit and chocolate for the Core Team tonight 🙂  Ha, I actually took a picture for one of my friends back home so I’ll post that later once I get it uploaded.  In other news, the weather is gorgeous!! I’m SUPER excited to go camping this weekend and get away.  Plus, before that I get to have dinner with my mama and brother and then hopefully go sign a lease.  I already started giving the relatives a list of garage sale items to be on the lookout.  The list includes: a grill, dining room table and chairs, deck furniture, a bike and a few other items.  We’ll see what happens!  Well, I better go shower so I don’t smell (I went running today…happy day!) at Core Team tonight.


I have too many fun things to write about and I’ve missed blogging so I figure I’ll continue! 🙂  I might try to make the blog have more of a single purpose or be more thematic with the blogs.  We’ll see what happens.  I have a wealth of blogging topics and stories so get ready for a plethora of blogs coming on Monday and throughout next week.  Write a comment if you have anything you want me to write on or just for fun.  I do enjoy feedback and thanks for those who commented on the last two blogs!  Hope you’re all enjoying the GORGEOUS weather today before the snow tomorrow… p.s. I edited the last blog for clarification in case you’re interested!