Letting Go of Worry

Even though this post was written back in February, I find it still changing how I see things.  I didn’t even comment on it but it touched my heart and changed how I saw worry and still does….

I’ve gathered these stones and need to come to the water’s edge to lay them down.  I throw them far far away into the water.  Though, oftentimes I find them back in my hands only to be let go again. A continual letting go and letting God.





Last night, I went for a run and wandered my way down to my own water’s edge. I picked up a few rocks and threw them far. I watched them splash and felt my heart take a deep breath.  I listened to what He’s done for me. I poured out my heart before Him and rested in trusting Him. I came to my room to write it down.  To write down the prayers and keep on letting go. To tuck them away in a little prayer box and know that He hears, He sees, He knows me. I’m sure these are things I’ll have to keep on letting go because after all He did say…

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  -Luke 9:23


my water’s edge

jostling. crowds. tangled arms. babies crying. hungry eyes. thirsty to hear Jesus speak. crowding the water’s edge.


because He starts speaking and every ear strains to hear the peace laden words.

dawn. misty waters. thick air. stillness. stomach. growling for breakfast. a figure. on the beach.


frantic kicking because Jesus is risen and waiting at the water’s edge.

quiet heart. curling up. listening. waiting. loving. brushing aside hair. a whisper.


He calls me by name because I am His and He is meeting me at my water’s edge.