All Things Lovely

When things seem like winter or when you’re going through a season wandering in the desert, finding lovely things seems a far stretch let alone even possible.  At times, I’d rather just curl up under the covers and hide from the world.  Other seasons, though, seem to burst at the seams with all things lovely and that’s when I fight to not expect the bottom to fall out.  Being intentional about taking a moment to simply enjoy the lovely things while they’re here and to not anticipate the next season of drought becomes so necessary.  So, today, in the midst of the busy parts of life, I’m going to find three lovely things and report back tomorrow about what I found.  Maybe I’ll see the sunset or find a butterfly or make a craft or eat delicious food or take a nap or sit with someone I love or laugh until it hurts or dress up pretty or write a letter or paint something wonderful or browse pinterest….I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to see how this day goes!

What has been lovely in your day?

31 Days

There’s this little thing that I jumped on board last year with and enjoyed quite thoroughly!  Since I’ve been quite absent from the blogging world, I thought why not tackle something fun like this again…so welcome to…

31 Days of filling my life with all things lovely, beautiful, and happy…

I wanted something fun, easy, happy, and with enough different topics that I wouldn’t get so stuck on one topic or theme.  I’m pretty excited about this and I think it will fit right in with my word for the year: Celebrate.  Plus, I think we can all use a bit more of these three things in our lives.

So, let’s do this thing.

Are you participating in the 31 days and if so what’s your theme??

p.s. I updated my blog theme and I’m kind of in love with the balloons!

a dream

I had a dream that I posted a blog with all sorts of bullet points and prayers.  I don’t remember what they were but it reminded me of this little space that I’ve left dormant while I’ve been off living out adventures that haven’t been put onto paper.  I keep waiting for time to slow but I know better than that.  So, I figured, I’d take a minute or two to say hi.

Lately, I’ve been perusing pinterest and there’s a board that I’ve deemed “to fill my home with all things happy and beautiful.”  This little one has accumulated almost the most pins out of my boards–quoateable beats it by a bit.  But as I think about those fun ladies over at Squee who wrote a whole eBook on figuring out your what pinterest says about you…and no, I haven’t yet gone through it all! On my list and sitting open in my browser!  But I can’t help but be struck by how that’s so long been a core value and a priority and a longing and a desire and just part of my heart.  As I’ve said before, “I just want a home…is that too much to ask for?”  Now, I don’t mean a literal building, though that’d be nice, but it runs far deeper than that.  Home is all things safe and cozy and protected and loved and accepted and beautiful and happy.  In many ways, there’s that understated longing for heaven that we all have which plays into this; yet, too, I am ever thankful to God for the places and people in my here and now that I call home.

On that note, I think I’ll get back to all the other things I should be doing….graduate classes did start yesterday..ep!

p.s. what is one of your favorite pinterest boards?


Hey everybody! Welcome to Friday!  Time for a little write out your heart in 5 minutes with no editing, no stressing–just lots of fast typing, fun.  Today’s word prompt: Beyond

Beyond the ocean’s there are worlds to discover, sights to see, places to visit, people to meet.  Send me on a plane across the pond and I’ll jump with my feet first.  I’ll flounder around trying to get my barrings and wonder why did I come when I only have a few weeks.  My heart will want to stay forever.  Beyond the hello’s loom the good-bye’s that break my heart all over again.  I’d pack up all of my people in a neat little caravan and take them along on my journey if only that were so.  Instead, I’ll keep looking beyond the good-bye to the next hello.  Whenever that may come.  To love deeply and to experience the world and to know God, I’ve learned that I have to squish my eyes tight shut and jump into the unknown–the place beyond the comfortable and the safe.

I always want a couple more minutes but I’ll leave it at that and keep you wondering what else I would say.  Until then…your turn!

p.s. this is the picture I had in my head while I was writing…and let me tell you, it was absolutely terrifying to jump off that cliff but absolutely worth it!


I’ve loved being in Greece.  I’ve loved the people God placed in my path and the journey we’ve been on together.  But, like most overseas adventures, there are a few things I miss in no particular order:

  • An actual shower head that I don’t have to hold!
  • My adorable little puppy
  • A comfy bed
  • The rest of my clothes…I’m tired of these…
  • Eating my own food and cooking for myself
  • Church family
  • That boy of my mine
  • Being able to run alone
  • Thick milkshakes
  • Driving a car
  • A full length mirror
  • Playing my music loud whenever
  • A phone that works
  • Free water
  • My electric tooth brush

Though, as always there are many things I’ll miss about being here too:

  • Community and my people
  • Sandy beaches
  • Gorgeous mountains
  • Blue water
  • Feta cheese pastries
  • Pistachio everything…ice cream, desserts, gelato, etc.
  • Nutella croissants
  • Time to relax
  • My amazing professors
  • Helen and her wonderful tour guide-ness
  • Hearing stories
  • Tons of laughing and smiling and enjoying life
  • Walking all over and hiking up hills and mountains
  • Heart challenges
  • Processing time
  • Learning to trust the process

So much to be said on both ends and there’s much more I could add.  Mostly, I’m thankful for a God who knew what I needed and gave it to me when I needed it and is with me wherever I am.  You better believe He’s going to be holding my hand as I jump on a few planes tomorrow to head home.

Have you traveled overseas? What are some things you missed about home and what are some things you miss?

My bags are packed…

Well almost…they’re close enough!  I’m waiting for some laundry to get done tomorrow and then they will be packed and ready to go.  So, where am I going? Cape Town!!!!  And with whom?  My parents!!!!!!!  Notice, they get more exclamation points.  I’m pretty pumped.  I haven’t seen them since January 18th.  They’re a bit excited as well.  Plus, they’re bringing cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera which I have been craving since January 18th.  So, here’s to some adventure, some delicious food, and fun times with the parents.  See you next weekend!


Hello 2009

I’m in Florida! I have a few “New Year’s” posts that will be forthcoming, but right now I’m going to take a little time to unplug from the world of technology and enjoy my time here! Hope you all had a great New Year’s!