5 Things I Love

1.Yeah, yeah, I’m sure if you’ve been reading a while and saw the title then you just knew that this little guy would be on this list.  I love Lindo especially his amazing hugs and asking to be on my shoulders.

2. Bare feet!  I greatly dislike socks and even shoes. Going barefoot is the best and if not that then at least flip flops.  I must say that being back in the snow…I’ve gotten multiple comments about how I need to wear shoes…boo.

3. Wearing sunglasses on my head.  They make me feel summery and happy.  Oh and I love this girly too! She makes my heart happy!  Though, I’m not so keen on her living miles and miles away now instead of down my stairs…

4 and well 5 too there’s a lot of love in this. This picture shows so many random things I love: Wearing my hair in braids. The hat Tara made for me because I love her! and the hat.  The other hat that I got in SA hanging on the door. Being able to hang things on my door like sweatshirts and purses is so handy. Painted wooden chairs.  All the bright happy colors.  The South African flag in the background because I love SA and the people and God’s calling on my life. Also, below the flag now is a poster of the Hope House kids and I love them. My Lerato shirt from June because I love June, Lerato (love in Sesotho) is my name and that it supports Thrive.

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What’s the Weirdest….?

As I was working out tonight, I began to think about how random and weird it is that I brought a yoga mat with me to Africa.  I mean really. Who does that!? Me!  But, I must say that I am VERY happy I made the decision to not let it get cut along with many other things like extra clothes, an umbrella, etc, etc.  I love the color that it brings to my room because of course it can act as a handy rug when not in use.  And I’ve already been able to put it to good use and it’s much better than the hard floor!  So, I’m pretty sure that’s the weirdest thing I brought 🙂 Any weird things that you would bring or have brought somewhere?

yoga mat