Eating…Raisin Bran Crunch

Drinking…water, but I’m excited to try some sipping chocolate from Trader Joe’s!

Listening to…NPR on my drives.  They’ve been talking about the Walker Art Center and about the Supreme Court.  Oh and Ebola of course.

Reading…A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan, True Woman 101 Divine Design, Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, and the Bible.

Remembering…all the little babies and all of the love that I’ve seen throughout the day as people mark and point out that today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Loving…Trader Joe’s oreo like cookie butter, my little man, the husband, and just God’s favor.

Missing…Boaz since he’s off pheasant hunting with my dad.

Wanting…a vacation to somewhere fun and really just to travel!

What have you been doing recently?!

A Warm Blanket

The weeks speed by and the joyful moments abound.  I am finding “joy” all over the pages of my bible and embedding it in my heart.  From the brief moments my heart pauses to notice to the situations that weigh like a warm blanket, I am beginning to see Him even more in all that I do. And that. I love. Seeing My beloved all the time and resting in His delight in me.

136. writing late at night

140. blustery roads

157. a deep breath

161. hummus quesadillas

169. realizing how far God’s brought me

170. couches and blankets with love

171. hugs at church (Antioch)

172. impromptu speaking about Africa at church

175. Answering: So how did Katy change?

176. Trader Joe’s stops

178. knowing I’m right where God wants me to be


10 Places I Want to Be

1. Eating yummy food in the states (i.e. Panera, Chili’s, Trader Joe’s, Chinese food, etc.)

2. On top of a mountain

3. Curled up in my bed at home with my book and my puppy (Wide Awake by Erwin McManus)

4. Sitting on the deck with Amy G.

5. Walking with Carrie on the beach

6. Time Square with Liz

7. Target with Mom

8. At the library or a bookstore

9. A hot tub

10. Out on the lake