Saturday is here! Normally, I leave the weekend free of blogging because it’s the weekend!  But, I thought I would make an exception because I have some fun pictures to share.  Not to mention, letting you all know that I got to put a little big check on my 2010 list.  Actually, I’ve had this on my “to do” list for quite a while and even pony-ed up during debriefing from my internship last year by letting all my interns know that I planned on completing one before doing a few other things. So, what did I do!? I completed a triathlon!  In lieu of competing in one and spending a ridiculous amount of money (some were like $90), I decided to save my money and make my own course. Here’s a little proof.

This would be my nervousexcited face with a “Am I really doing this?”

my attempt at getting a picture of my super cute swimsuit. took me forever to find one but I love it and i LOVE wearing swim shorts. if you had told me 5 years ago that i would think a bikini was immodest to wear…i would have laughed and said it’s just fine–not anymore! hello, change!

my little transition station. complete with my beautiful bike and bike shoes (i LOVE being clipped in). plus, i’ve got my bag full of stuff (towel, bike shorts, running shorts, camera, cell phone, running shoes, bike helmet, bike gloves, ipod).

why, yes, that is a creepy fake swan that gets to swim with me today…at least he keeps away the geese.

now this. this is beautiful. i seriously love lakes in the summertime. water like glass that is perfect for water skiing or wakeboarding on or well…swimming for 20 minutes. did i mention that i didn’t train for this part of the triathlon? at least i did a bit of swimming at camp. but yeah…..definitely should have! probably should have trained in general…

this would be my smile that means i’m so incredibly thankful that the swim part is finally done! I am so not a swimmer compared to biking and running. love it, but it wore me out!

and this here. is my I’m so tired, but I’m done look!!!!

Swim: 20 min.

Bike: 53 min. (12.4 miles or 20k)

Run: 27 min. (3.1 miles or 5k)

What did I learn?

  • God provides cute little things to keep me going–like watching a bird swoop down to eat a fish while I’m swimming…at least it was a little bird.
  • Swimming is hard. really hard. refreshing, but the time sure goes slow.
  • I love creating new paths and ways to go with God–I biked a totally new trail.
  • My legs felt so weird when I started running. I’m pretty sure that little 5k felt longer than the 20k I did before, but I finished while running in the woods which made my heart happy.
  • Tweeting while doing things helps provide little goals and encouragement.
  • When I’m focused on God and doing things with God, quitting or walking or slowing down may fleeting cross my mind, but leaves quickly.
  • Gotta love the…what’s next/now what? that comes after completing a goal. Yeah, I’m achiever at heart.
  • My body may be tired, but my heart is happy.

My New Love

guitarWhat started to be a “want to hang out” turned into a full blown crush, which turned into spending quite a bit of time together.  Yes, I’m totally still in the honeymoon stage, but my fingers are numb and my heart is happy.  Granted, I really only know a few chords and am not really even sure how to “strum” properly, but that’s okay.

I find myself in a stage where I’m learning and re-learning so many things that this fits right into the mix. I must go through the pain, develop those callouses and take time in order to learn the chords, which will turn into a song.  The song may not sound pretty at first, but with some hard work, pressing into those strings, and commitment, I know that I can be more than a conqueror and make something beautiful from the pain.

The same is true for the place I find myself in life.  I find myself at a crossroads where I can either press in and dig deep with God or I can be complacent while letting root issues stick around.  To be honest, I’m sick and tired and absolutely hate those roots in my life and the destruction and pain they have caused.  I need and want to go through the pain with Jesus at my side to dig out any and everything that is destructive so that I can bear good fruit and so prove to be His disciple.  In this, I need support, I need prayer, I need people because Christ created us as a body with Him as the head.  Thus, I need Him and I need the rest of the body to help me in this.  I recognize this and ask if you would join me in this journey in whatever way.  A journey where I am committed to this path toward forgiveness, healing, restoration, and new life because I know that in the long run it will all be worth it.

The King is Enthralled By Your Beauty

The first sermon in the series “Beautiful, a series for women and the men that pursue them” tackles issues such as a women’s identity, culture, beauty, and what God has to say.

Women (and myself!) try to find identity in appearance, “home”, kids, relationships, career and religion.  Yet, when the very thing that one finds his/her identity in is taken away then what… In the sermon Perry indicates that women who are doing this are “tired.”  Tired of trying so hard and falling short.  Tired of going through the three hour beauty routine only to have the rain come and mess everything up!  Tired.  Simply tired.

Furthermore, culture surrounds us with definitions of beauty.  Pictures of beauty abound in magazines, television shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, the internet and every other media outlet.  Culture screams multiple ways to become beautiful.  If only you buy this kind of make-up or that dress, then you will feel beautiful, you will look “sexy.”  Or better yet, eat this frozen dinner and you’ll magically lose those 10 extra pounds that keep you from feeling “beautiful.”  Yet, if you did lose those extra pounds, would it ever be enough?  Can we ever meet or feel like we’ve met culture’s standard of beauty?   Are we always stuck in the “not good enough” category?”

Besides, what is beauty even? Does beauty consist of make-up and high-heels or of skinny jeans and cute tops?  Or maybe beauty comes with the perfect job and perfect husband? Maybe we should turn to scripture instead to find our definition of beauty.  Then, would more women be able answer the “Me, Beautiful?” question in an affirmative way?  Perry’s main verse, Psalm 45:11, states: “The king is enthralled by your beauty.”  God sees who we can be.  God sees us through the lens of Jesus.  Let God show You what He sees about you.


I bought a cd…

When I wander through the desert

And I’m longing for my home

All my dreams have gone astray

When I’m stranded in the valley

And I’m tired and all alone

It seems like I’ve lost my way

I go running to Your mountain 

Where Your mercy sets me free

Take me past the outer courts

Into the Holy Place

Past the brazen altar

Lord, I want to see Your face


As promised, here’s the recap from the Saturday morning bike ride:

I’m a jumpy person so when my alarm goes off, I leap out of bed.  Normally, I wake up a little before my alarm to prevent this, but not today.  I was tired.  I reluctantly got ready and the nerves set in.  Do I really want to do this?  Why am I doing this?  I don’t know what I’m doing.  Being stubborn and forcing myself to be busy on this day, I finally get ready and get in the car with the bike in the back seat.  I do a drive-by and see a couple of older people in the parking lot and someone who appears to be a woman driving in.  I keep driving.  After sufficiently wasting time and leaving myself no other choice, I park.  I get out and meet a couple people.  Thankful that the ride will not consist of me and old men!  Instead, the ride will be me, older women and older men.  Yeah, I feel young.  After a sign-in and debriefing, we’re off.  I quickly learn the terms “Car back,” “bike back,” “hole,” ect.   Some people are chatty, but most focus on biking and enjoying the ride.  Plus, the sometimes single file arrangement does not lend itself well to conversation.  We maneuver around lakes, parks, trails, and even a waterfall.  At around mile 15 disaster strikes.  My worst fear is realized.  I get a flat tire and of course I haven’t brought the necessary tools or extra tube required.  Thankfully, a super kind lady lets me use hers while two very informative men change the tire.  I am “lectured” about how I need to ALWAYS carry a tube, buy a floor pump, buy a topeak pump to go on my bike, and to pump up before EVERY ride.  Yeah….I was a tad naive in terms of bike maintenance.  Now to go spend some more money 🙂  After my bike was back in working condition, we met up with the others and ate breakfast before heading home the last 4 miles.  All in all, a great learning experience and an interesting time 🙂

Thankful Sunday :)

I am so thankful:

  • that this weekend is over!!!!  Weird thing to be thankful for, I know, but such is life.
  • for the prayers that were said for me this weekend–thank you, Los (and all the people who were praying with him), Carrie, Liz, and anyone else.
  • for Mike and Sara…they’re pretty much amazing.  I am in awe at how God used them last night through their actions and words.  I am not one who is hardly ever able to cry in front of people, but for some reason I can in front of them.  Sara sat with me and let me cry before taking me on a walk (I’m definitely a walk and talk girl).  There is such power in being able to sit with someone and share in their sorrow without having to talk.  (reminds me of Job and how his friends sat for days before speaking).
  • board games 🙂 (like rook, wizard and settlers!)
  • my bright, happy room 🙂
  • and a lot of other things, but I’m tired….so bedtime.