What’s Up Wednesday

IMG_1934hearing Boaz crunch on an apple that I deemed too old for me to eat

seeing the book of Luke and my DSM book

thinking that I’m ready for spring and to be able to go outside!

doing bible reading, breaking free, and a final exam

looking forward to seeing sigur ros, going to virginia, and planning another vacay

feeling content and happy to have Boaz home

touching the wooden chairs my grandmother made

missing africa and friends

thankful for being able to sleep in, cereal, pretty wedding pictures, marriage, friends, sunlight, mountains

excited about going to the mountains again

coming up easter, spring, and ally & levi coming home!

something old the shorts i’m wearing that i love

something new a super soft liberty sweatshirt that i got for free

something blue Boaz’s chew toy


Hello Love

Sunlight trickles through the glass as a kiss

Sent straight from heaven as a hello love

Eyes fluttering awake to feel such bliss

Blankets of joy wrapping us from above

Days ahead where the flowers start to bloom

Rainy nights filled with dancing lightning shows

So long gone are the days of snowy gloom

Laughter filling the air while fire glows

Anticipation of adventures soon

Wide eyes filled with hope for a fresh new chance

A moment frozen under a full moon

Arms tangled together while we dance

Until our legs give way to find the ground

Where we fall asleep tangled, love abound

*(in)Courage’s April Creative Challenge on “Spring”

-Did you try your hand a sonnet? If so, did you have fun? I did!


I have too many fun things to write about and I’ve missed blogging so I figure I’ll continue! 🙂  I might try to make the blog have more of a single purpose or be more thematic with the blogs.  We’ll see what happens.  I have a wealth of blogging topics and stories so get ready for a plethora of blogs coming on Monday and throughout next week.  Write a comment if you have anything you want me to write on or just for fun.  I do enjoy feedback and thanks for those who commented on the last two blogs!  Hope you’re all enjoying the GORGEOUS weather today before the snow tomorrow… p.s. I edited the last blog for clarification in case you’re interested! 

Inside Out Forehand…Here I come!

I went to the last Gopher basketball game of the season tonight.  The game started out with some exciting 3-point shots and really made me miss competitive sports.  Oddly enough, I’m older than most of the people on the team–except for the few seniors.  Though, definitely shorter!   I definitely got that twinge of “this is the last game of some of their college careers…” feeling. Oh, the joys of endings and beginnings.

I am SO ready for spring and summer so that I can play outside.  From running to tennis to golf to rollerblading to kayaking to everything else, I can’t wait!  Especially after trudging through snow this morning in heels at 7am to bring out the garbage. Not fun at all.  Such is life.  Sometimes we have to suck it up and trudge through the snow and hard times to get to the feeling of “amazingness” that comes from hitting that inside out forehand or the 3-pointer to win the game.